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Korea Import Good Quality Facial Skin Analysis System - Precise Results, Clear Pictures, Automatic, One-Click Control. 


Wrinkle, Sebum, Pore & Pigmentation analysis for face skin.


1. Adoption of the Bomtech camera form South Korea, with resolution of 10 MEGA PIXEL. Provides clear images of skin.

2. Provides high level visual effect; UV function:

- Srbum quantity and pigmentation can be measured;

- Provides vivid and realistic image.

3. Easy to use: providing a user-friendly program: one-click photograph, resulting with 2 images of gerenal light and UV light. (it stimulates curiosity and appeals to customers. )

4. Product recommendation is available:  Push sales for your products.

5. Provides Before & After comparison with results & images.

6. Accurate full face diagnosis is available.

7. provides detailed results charts and prescription.

8. Product datebase and customer database is available.

Brief Description:

A-ONE is a kind of One-Click Automatic Diagnosis System for face, widely used in salon and clinic. It is with good quality camera of Bomtech of South Korea (10 mega pixel) and take photos for face skin and analysis skin by UV light, making the pigment under skin, sebum in pore visible. The analysis is easy, simple, one-click, automatic and precise.

A-ONE is not only a skin testing machine but a customer database, a product database, and a purchasing guide. You can input your products into the system. The system can recommend the right skin care products after analysis. A-ONE can also store before and after pictures for your patients and compare the results.

A-ONE Site Face Skin Analyzer Facial Monitor Wrinkle Pigment Sebum Pore Analysis Meter Made in Korea

Automatic Skin Analyzer:

- Accurate analysis of facial recognition

- Speedy and automatic analysis by Scanner

- Scan pore, sebum, wrinkle, pigment condition

- Measured value on the by 3D application

- Configuration - control the sensitivity of sebum & Language

- Adopted Bomtech camera: 10Mega Pixel - Adopted LED Light Source

- 11 different kinds of lanuages for options

Using with A-ONE, you shall prepare a computer with below requirements:

1. Computer`s Requirement: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7

2. Recommended Hardware Requirement:

- CPU: Over Pentium (IV)

- RAM: Over 2GB

- VGA: True color (32bit), Over 32MB VGA memory

- HDD: Over 10GB

- Monitor: Resolution 1024*768

3. VGA Compatibility:

- 3Dfx Voodoo classes

-ATI Rage 2, Rage pro, Radeon classes

- Matrox classes

-Nvidia Riva 128, Riva TNT, Geforce classesn

- Intel i740

- S3 Virge GX/GX2, Trio 3D, Savage 3D classes

(There is a set of program installation equipment along with the A-ONE system. You should install it on your computer based on the manual)

Technical Specifications:  

1. Model Name: A-ONE Site (One-click skin diagnosis system)

2. Rated input power: AC100-120V, 200-240V

3. Internal output: DC12V (4.2A), DC5V (10A)

4. Power consumption: 50W (max.)

5. Package size: 42cm*42cm*53cm

6. Gross weight: 12kg

7. Packing in one carton.

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