• TopCavi I Cavitation+RF Machine

    Cellulite Reduction System

    Top quality potable Cavitation RF machine with high power output and guaranteed effective results. Max 700W output for Ultrasonic Cavitation and Max 30W output for RF delivery. Equipped with 1 cavitat ...

  • TopCavi II Cavitation+RF Machine

    Cellulite Reduction System

    Best and Most professional cellulite machine - TopCaviII for Fat reduction, Weight Loss, Lipo Breaking, Skin Tighten and Face Lift. Equipped with one Cavitation handle and 3 RF handles for Body and Fa ...

  • Lipo-C6 Cavitation+RF Machine

    Cellulite Reduction System

    Portable Ultrasonic Cavitation machine with disassemble trolley. With one 40KHz Cavitation handle and 3 pieces of RF handles of different sizes, working for full body and face, it is very go ...

  • LunaII Cavitation with RF (Promotion)

    Cellulite Reduction System

    Luna II Cavitation machine with RF - Best ultrasonic cavitation for fat reduction, body slim, face lift, skin tighten and skin lift. Good power output with 35KHz ultrasound and max 700 watt power. RF ...

  • Portable Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Machine

    Cellulite Reduction System

    The RF skin rejuvenation machine has radio frequency techonlogy for facial and body care, skin slimming, face lifting, skin tightening, wrinkle removal, anti cellulite. It is for now the best monopola ...

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