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12-pins Auto-MicroNeedle Derma Pen for skin resturction, skin resurfacing, skin therapy, wrinkle removal, pigment reduction, pore size reduction with 5 speed levels, titanium needles. 


My-M microneedle derma pen is a new system that is taking place of traditional needle roller. Compared to traditional needle roller, the My-M is more more advanced, precise on treatment, humane on use and intelligent. The depth of treatment My-M microneedle can be adjusted form 0.25mm to 2.0mm. The length of My-M is 0.25mm and it can upper and lower vibrate with max 0.25mm. You need not buy different sizes of needle for different treatments. One My-M can do all treatments. Different from needle roller, the needles of My-M is stay on horizontal line, no angles. You can keep the each needles vertically pierce into skin efficiently, which causes much less pain during the treatment. The speed of My-M is adjustable as well. There are 3 levels of speed for option. Green for level 1, Sky Blue for level 2, Blue for level 3, Pink for level 4 and Red for level 5. Higher level, faster treatment. Each piercing will have the same depth and keep treatment result even. As the My-M can do vertical, even, stable piercing on skin, it can help medicine maximally apply on skin and get the best result with the least pain.

One set of My-M concludes 1 My-M microneedle system, 1 power cable, and 10 pieces of needle heads. Each needle head has 12 needles.

Main Characteristics you shall pay attention to: 

1. Electric control the depth of treatment - Deeth adjustable from 0.25mm-2.0mm.

2. Remain vertically pierce into skin while in use - much painless - that other roller cannot do.

3. One microneedle machine can do different treatments - Free from different sizes rollers

4. Adjustably treatment speed - 5 levels of speed is available - each piercing has the same depth and keep treatment result even.

5. 10 pieces of needle heads are free with the My-M microneedle.

Technical Specifications: 

Input Power: 5V=100mA, 12VA

Adapter: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz

Dimensions: Hand-piece 2cm*2cm*14cm

Weight: Total / 555g, Hand-piece/82g

Speed: Adjustable from 1-5 level

Depth of the adjusting range: 0.2 mm-2.0 mm

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