Fractional CO2 Laser FC0-40D
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Max 40 watt professional Fractional CO2 laser for skin therapy and surgery. Precise and high power output, good quality, mini spot size and less invasive. 2 years warranty for main system. Excellent scanner for aesthetic beauty therapy - Good results and Less downtime

It works on:

1.Skin resurfacing ( wrinkle removal, freckle removal, whiten skin, face lifting)

2.Acne and acne scars

3.Pigmentation (age spot, sun spot, melasma)

4.Surgery scars removal

5.pregnancy lines removal

Main Characteristics you shall pay attention to: 

1. Fast and effective treatment

2. Comfortable and safe treatment.

3. Variable density and denth.

4. One or two treatment.

5. Single pass.

6. Independently developed TEM00 mode laser tube (patented).

7. Magic, Single, Repeat pulse and CW. Operation modes.

8. Fractional laser (scanner) technology.

9. Discrete scanning technology.

10. Smart variable treatment graphics.

11. Power-on self-test, automatic failure alarm and diagnosis.

Technical Specifications:

1. Wavelengths: 10600nm

2. Mode Structure: TEM00

3. Max Power: 40W

4. Peak Power: 500W

5. Laser Operation Modes: Fractional, Magic, Single, Repeat Pulse & CW

6. Aiming Beam:3mW Diode

7. Working Radius: 130cm

8. Controls: Touch Screen

9. Display: LCD & color touch screen, foot switch

10. Cooling: Water Closed Cycle Cooling System

11. Beam Delivery: 7-Joint Spring-Balanced Articulated Arm

12. Electrical: 230VAC/50Hz or 120VAC/60Hz

13. Warranty: 1 year

14. Dimension: 128cm*57cm*85cm

15. Weight : 124 kg ( packing in standard wooden case)

Technical Parameters of the scanner:

1. Dot Quantity: 1-1000 dots at most

2. Working Mode: Fractional ( Magic Pulse Technology)

3. Condenser Focus: F=70mm

4. Spot Size:Min: 0.15mm or 0.2 at the focus

5. Interval Between 2 Centers: 0.2-2mm

6. Scanner Graphics: Square, rectangle, round or circle

7. Duty Time: 100us-10ms (adjustable)

8. Idle Time: 0.01-1s

9. Treatment Size: 20mm*20mm (adjustable)

10. Net Weight: 0.5kg

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