3-in-1 Slimming Device
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The 3 in 1 Body Care Beauty machine is a new and popular device in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Applied with microcurrent, sonic and red light, it can be used for body slimming, skin tonging, fat reduction, skin care, wrinkle reduction, etc. The design is humanized and user can choose 3 working modes, different energy levels for different massage modes and treatments. What you need to do is to massage skin with it for 10 minutes each part after shower, applying with daily lotion or essence. During massaging, user feel warmth and a little vibrational. It is comfortable, safe and helpful. Overtime usage, you can see skin become finer, smoother, has more elasticity and get more tighten. With a large probe of 57mm diameter, massaging is fast and remarkable. You can use it during resting, watching TV, reading or surfing the internet. Also, with good gift package, it would be a great present for your family and friends.

Technical Specifications: 
Matetrial of body: ABS

Material of probe: Stainless steel

Dimension of the probe: 57mm

Adaptor input power: AC 100-240V

Adaptor output power: 15V, 800mA

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