EMS-01 Classic Face Firming Device
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It is a classic ionic and electric based beauty device for skin cells, muscles and lymphatic stimulation. It does good job on facial skin lifting, wrinkles, fine lines, anti aging, toning skin, reduce pigment, shrink pore size. It also works at body treatment on breast, abdomen, buttock, arms and legs, for shaping, lifting, anti-wrinkles and slimming. It can drainage lymphatic as well to help skin more healthy. Also, it has some improvement on orange skin and new stretch marks.

User shall use the device with water-based gel or lotion for conducting energy (gel/lotion does not included). User feels massaging and electric and little warmth during treatment. Skin improvement can be seen in 4-8 weeks in usual.

Used with power cord.

Size: 25mm*85mm*35mm (0.98in*3.35in*1.38in)

Input: AC110-240V, 60/50Hz

Weight: 0.4kg (0.88lb)

Power: 30W

  1. Popular in Taiwan. Effective on face lift, wrinkle removal, anti-aging, improve skin taxture, lift breast and buttock, shape body, drainage lumphic and massage/stimulate muscles.
  2. Large and Unique hook design - well fit face and body part. Easy to use. Shorten treatment time.
  3. 4 Functions for Face: Cleansing, Massage, Nutrient Infusing and Lifting. 4 Modes for Body: Breast (Bust) , Body, Lymph and Buttock.
  4. Used with power cord. Powerful and strong energy.
  5. Used with water-based gel/lotion (not included).

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