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The eye TimeMaster is good for wrinkle, fine line around eyes, eye bag and dark circle reduction. It can also work good at skin lift and tighten and make your eyes more charming and bright. Treatment reaches 5mm deep and you can achieve results instantly by massaging it 10 minutes per day. People feel a little bit warm, comfortable and relax during the treatment. No pain, no harm. Skin product (e.g. essence) should be applied. And the Eye TimeMaster would help skin to absorb the products more efficiently. Daily treatment is available. 10 minutes per day treatment can remove sleepy eyes, smooth skin and young look. It is rechargeable and handy.

It applies with 4 technologies:

1. EMS - For activating cells, stimulating recombination and regeneration of collagen;

2. Electroportion - With unique output pulse current and laternation of plusminus puls electrode to stimulate deeper skin causing deeper motion of contraction and relaxation of the internal organization of skin so as to straighten out the slack muscle and skin.

3. Radio Frequency - It will conduct heat through the 4 points and stimulate circulation of lymphatic, enhance metabolism and achieve body shaping result.

4. LED (light therapy) - Red, blue and yellow. Get away from skin problem, gain perfect skin by lights. There are 5 pieces of LED lamps in TimeMaster-3005 which can softly effect tissue around eyes and gain good result.

Technical Specification:

Model: NYRF-1104

Input: AC110-220V/50-60Hz

Output: DC 5V

Current: 1000mA

Power: 3W

Charging time: 2 hours

Materials: ABS + LED light

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