Handheld Vibration RF Device (Black)
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Model: NYRF-1107

The black RF beauty machine is applied with Magnetic Therapy, Radio Frequency and Vibration Massaging technologies. The probe of the device is in ceramics which has advantages of even energy output, fast energy conduct and good quality. The Radio Frequency is a well-known effective technology for skin tighten, skin lift, skin rejuvenation, skin care, wrinkle removal, fine line reduction, smoothing skin. It can stimulate more collagen and elastic during the treatment which can renew and refresh skin overtime usage. And vibration massaging technology help blood circulate and improve the renewals of skin cell. Combining the 3 technologies, the device can also good at face slimming, body shaping and fat removal.

Mode A: Radio frequency and 

Mode B: Vibration Massage. 

And these 2 working modes can work separately. And you can adjust 3 level energy of radio frequency: H, M and L. During the usage, skin will feel warm and heated, you can adjust the heat level by adjusting from lower to higher (L-M-H).

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