Handy Galvanic Massager
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It is a rechargeable handy beauty device with vibrating massage and galvanic micro-current for skin improvement. The micro-current can effectively stimulate production of collagen and elastic, which can resolve aging problems. There are 16 levels of micro-current power for option. The massage gives 6000 pulses per second vibrating and 3 power levels are optional. Red photon light comes when vibration/galvanic micro-current wave is working. Gradually using with the handy galvanic massage device, skin gets firmed and tightened, wrinkles reduced, scars improved and spots faded. It is also very good for hair care, hair strengthen and regrowth. 

1. Massaging, relaxing 
2. Facial skin firming, face lift, V-Face shaping. 
3. Wrinkles reduction, anti-aging. 
4. Pigment, spots, freckles and blemishes improvement. 
5. Scar improvement. 
6. Hair care, hair strengthen, hair regrowth. 
7. Muscle stimulating. 
8. Breast massaging and enhancing. 

45 pieces of electrodes on the treatment head. 
4 pieces RED LED photon light to stimulate muscles and enhance effectiveness. 
Big treatment - 3.35 inch *2.36 inch - can be used on head, face, neck, head, face, neck, shoulder, breast, arms, legs, belly, back, buttocks, feet, etc. 
16 levels of galvanic micro-current wave are optional. 
3 levels of vibration are optional. 
Rechargeable - use without cord, easy to carry around. 
USB charge/ wall-plug charge 
Impressive beauty device with LCD display for treatment time and micro-current wave power levels. 

input power: DC15V, 1A 
Battery capacity: 950mA 
Output frequency: 1-50Hz 

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