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Stylight IPL system is the latest intense pulsed light system for home hair removal & skin rejuvenation treatment. It standard contains 2 cartridges: HR (Hair Remove) and SR (Skin Rejuvenation). HR cartridge provide 20,000 shots life time and SR provides 30,000 shots life time. HR lamp comes with 2 pulses per shot and SR lamp comes with 5 pulses per shot. There are 10 energy levels for Stylight which uses soft-touch control system instead of button control. It is a beautiful household IPL Laser hair removal and skin care system.

Different from most home based IPL device that output temperature reaches 80 C and user has to use gel to protect skin from getting burned, the Stylight applies with advanced technology of energy and temperature control that temperature outputs max 40-56 C from lowest energy level to highest one (under condition of indoor temperature no more than 25C) and so it is safe and will not get too much hot, pain and burning risk and user (skin type I & II) can use it without applying cooling gel.

Stylight is suitable for skin type I to V. It works for black, brown, and light brown hair. It has limited results on fair, white, gray and gold hair, but no limits on treatment areas. It works for face,body and private areas. Hair remove result can be seen in 3-4 weeks of initial treatment and will improve over time treatment. About 6-8 sessions can gain permanent result and result lasts no less than one year. User shall keep treatment once a month after a whole treatment for long-lasting result.


Model: NYHR-102 (Stylight)

Lamp: Xenon Lamp

Light Source: Pulsed Light

Energy Fluency: 0-7J/cm2

Pulse Number: 2 (HR); 5 (SR)

Spot Size: 44mm*16mm

Wavelength: 650-1100nm (HR); 530-1100nm(SR)

Lamp Live: 20,000 flashes(HR); 30,000 flashes(SR)

Input Power: 150W

Power Supply: AC110V-AC240V, 50/60Hz

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