Hydro Lift Radio Frequency Face Lift Device
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This is an innovation Water-optical RF Thermal Treatment Device with multifunction.It has several functions: nutrition liquid import, RF anti-wrinkle, heat treatment and micro vibration massage. The appearances perfectly combine with function, showing a new experience of nursing.

Radios Frequency:
The RF energy promotes the cell movement, the subcutaneous tissue cells began to shrink and produce internal heat generation. It can promote the regeneration of collagen, fine lines and wrinkles, when the skin temperature reaches 40 degrees or more.

Hydro Lift:
The liquid tank built in machine, can support 3ml capacity nutrient liquid each time. After adding nutrient liquid, it will be formed RF water electrode through the micro film working on the human body. Care area due to RF energy gradually formed heat energy. It can promote the regeneration of collagen, the pores of the skin to relaxation, so that nutrients liquid accelerated absorbed, quickly replenish nutrients for your skin.

Red Light:
It can promote blood circulation, activate the skin tissue, promote the growth of fiber cells and collagen, effectively smooth fine lines, wrinkles, delay skin aging,

Green Light:
Eliminate the lymphatic, reduce swollen, at the same time it has sedative, balance and stability effect for skin, inhibit the growth of melanin, play a role in stress relaxation

Blue Light:
Improve sensitive skin.

Vibrating Massager:

Combined with the kinetic energy transferring of the micro seismic physical massage mode to eliminate fatigue, enhance skin elasticity.

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