Smart Dot Martrix RF FaceLift Device
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It is a new generation (2015) non-invasive dot matrix RF radio frequency device for smoothing and tightening skin on face and body and progressively improve the appearance of cellulite.


For Eyes - Fine lines and wrinkles removal, smooth brow line, lift eyes skin, treat on the lower eyelids and make eyes look youthful and charming.

For Face - Treatment for loose jowls, sagging skin, smooth fine lines, remove wrinkles, tighten skin, rejuvenate skin, rebuild collagen and lighten skin. It is also helpful for pigmentation reduction, scar improvement, V-Face building and remove facial cellulite.

For Body - Treatment for sagging skin, unwanted bulges, dimples, orange skin and stretch mark.


1.The smart Dot Matrix RF  for skin tighten and wrinkles remove since 2015.

2.Superior - better on energy output (heat up in second), battery system and working performance.

3.Temperature sensor is attached on treatment head - timely temperature auto measuring and displaying on screen.

4.High energy output with data ┬ĘC maximum 40-42 centigrade for LOW and 45-47 centigrade for HIGH.

5.Larger treatment size: 3cm(length)*1.2cm(width) - can do treatment on face and body faster and efficiently.

6.20 pieces of effect RF tips - diameter of each tips is 2.5mm.

7.RF tips are made of copper plated with gold - NO need to replace head and long lifetime.

8.Pulsed vibration applicable each 3 seconds - relax skin during treatment.

9.It can work 1-2 hours after fully charged.

10.Mini, handy and easy to carry - can do the treatment everywhere.

11.Comfortable treatment, fast effectiveness and low cost.

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