NORLANYA Foldable Eye Massager KS-3608
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KS-3608 EYE MASSAGER is very good at eye massage, eye care, eye stress relief and nervous relaxing. It helps with eye strain, dry eyes, sinus pressure, sight fatigue, pseudomyopia, insomnia, mental stress, headaches, sleep disorders and other rest problem. It can also improve blood circulation and help reduce puffiness and dark circles. It is perfect for phone freak, IT programmer, driver, night owl and so on. There are massage points, air pressure, hot compress and multi-frequency vibration. Easy and multi-functional. It puts pressure on the acupuncture points and sort of mild tension/vascular headache will be immediately relieved with the alternating pulsations and vibrations that works around the eyes and temples. It is comfortable and enjoyable. 

- With a handheld remoter where you can choose programs, time and music. 
- 4 massage programs: deep massage, vibration, heat and music. You can choose which options to use and which to not use, or choose to use all four at once. 
- 3 different types of music optional: Alleviate physical and mental, Gentle environment and Natural sounds. (One pair of headphones is included) Music function can be turned off. 
- 3 different time setting: 5, 10 and 15 minutes. 
- Thoughtful - With an elastic ribbon and it can fit all people.
- Light in weight - The goggles part weights 0.22KG (0.48lb/7.76oz) only. Compared to wireless eye massager, it is gentler and less pressure to eyes due to its light weight. 
- Foldable - The goggles part can be foldable, size will be just about a cell phone - It is perfect for travel. - Powered by USB cord, wall plug charger or 4 pieces of AA batteries - Enjoy massaging everywhere - Use worldwide - Massage at home, at work and at travel. NOTICE: cannot use with batteries and power cord at the same time; Remoter will not work properly when batteries are not powerful. 

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