NORLANYA Micro Vibration Anti Aging Photon Therapy Beauty Skin Care Machine
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The Micro Vibration Photon Therapy device is a popular facial skin care device in Japan and Taiwan. It combines with PDT led light therapy and micro vibration. The micro vibration waves can massage face skin gently. 10 minutes massage every day with the micro waves helps skin produce more collagen and elastic fibers, make skin smooth, young and relax. And the waves can also tighten skin, lift face, reshape face, acne care, improve eyes bags and "T" position caring. The device also with LED light of red, blue and green - care skin while reducing face line. Red light makes skin alive, Blue light comforts skin and Green light relaxes skin.

Model: NYS-1108

Input power: AC100-240V

Output power: 15V, 400MA

Micro Waves frequency: 3MHz

Dimension: 17.5*4.7*4.4cm

Weight: 150g

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