E-Light Beauty Machine HR-E6
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Classical E-Light machine with 2 probes for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation removal, acne treatment, wrinkle reduction, veins therapy, whiten skin and skin lightening. Guaranteed 30000 pulsed without energy attenuation. 

It works on: 

1. Permanently remove unwanted hair: lip hair, armpit hair, limbs hair, beard, whisker etc.

2. Pigment lesion: pigment spot, freckle, age pigment.

3. Vascular lesion: telangiectasis, bottle nose, varicosity

4. Wrinkle removal: exiguous wrinkles could be removed.

5. Wrinkles on forehead neck could be improved obviously.

Main Characteristics you shall pay attention on: 

1. Permanently hair removal:

--No hair color limited: suitable for black, brown hairs, including white and gray hair.

--No all colors of skin limited: E Light system E600 can transmit much more energy (radio frequency and IPL) directly to the root of hair and focus on hair theca and then to destroy the hair growing environment.

2. Compare with IPL, RF can transmit much more energy to the skin without any limited (hair color and skin color), and it can stimulate skin to produce more collagen.

3. Two hand pieces: more effective on hair removal and skin rejuvenation. Each handle has a lifetime of 30,000 shots! So its total life time reaches 60,000 shots.

4. -4°C to 0°C makes the treatment safer and more comfortable.

5. Large water tank and very good water circling to make sure effective water cooling.

6. Convenient to use with LCD & soft touch screen.

7. Excellent spare parts introduced from Germany, which ensure the high quality of the power control system of the machine. And the whole system is safer and works better.

8. Economical machine with very good result.

9. Reset function, easy to reckon the cost of each treatment.

Technical Specifications: 

1. Wave length: 560-1200nm, 640-1200nm

2. Handle: Two handles

3. Spot size: 8mm*34mm

4. Energy Density: 0-50 J/cm²

5. Pulse Amount: 1-6

6. Pulse Width: 1-10ms

7. Pulse Delay: 5-100ms

8. Frequency: 1-4s

9. Screen: LCD & Soft Touch Screen

10. Dimension: 155cm*68cm*53cm

11. Weight: 65kg

12. Power Supply: AC110V, 60Hz or AC240V, 50Hz

Packing & Shipment Details:

Package dimension: 155cm*68cm*53cm

Gross weight: 68.5kg

Packing in Alum box, 1pc/box

Shipment: DHL, FEDEX, TNT, Airway, Seaway is acceptable. 

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