IPL Beauty Machine HR-IPL02
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Portable IPL machine with trolley for painless hair removal, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, acne reduction, vascular therapy, etc. One handle with 8mm*40mm sopt size, 6 filters. 50,000 shots warranty. Color touch screen control and plug-in handpiece. Good cooling system and good working performance. 

It works on: 

1. Skin rejuvenation

2. Removing epidermal pigmentation              

3. Painless hair removal

4. Removing vascular

5. Removing acne

Main Characteristics you shall pay attention to: 

1. Touchable and chromatic screen

2. Handpiece with imported sapphire crystal ensuring

3. 50,000 effective shots  

4. Application with 5 different inter changeable filters maximizing profits  

5. 6 independent changeable pulse setting suitable for different Skin types  

6. Recommanded default parameters for 5 skin types and hair colours easing operation efficiently。

Technical Specifications: 

LED Screen: 5.6”chromatic Touch Screen

Light source: Intense pulse Light (IPL)


Filter:Interchangeable Filter


Spot Size: 40mm*8mm

Energy Density: 50J/c㎡(max)

Pulse Sequence:1-6(independently adjustable)

Pulse Duration:0-20ms (0.1ms)

Pulse Delay:0-100ms

Delay of Continual Irradiance: 1s-3s(0.5s)

Handpiece Connector:Fast Connector

Cooling Systen: Water Cooling and Semicondutor Cooling

Rated Input Power: 1500VA

Rated Input Voltage: AC230V±10%,50Hz±1Hz/AC110V±10%,60Hz±1Hz

Net Weight: 23kg

Physical Dimensions: 

Host: 36cm×36cm×41cm

Bracket: 38cm×35cm×70cm(Optional)

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