OPL IPL Hair Remove & Skin Rejuvenation OIPL7C
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OPT IPL machine with Fast Hair Removal, Fast skin rejuvenation functions, combining with one 610nm-1200nm handle (50mm*10mm spot size) for hair remove and one 530nm-1200nm handle (40mm*8mm spot size) for skin rejuvenation. Long time continual work. Twice faster hair removal speed than traditional IPL. 500,000 Shots warranty for each handle. Good cooling system, power with 1400W
What is real OPT?
OPT is originated from the In-Motion technology of Diode Laser system and getting more and more popular since 2013. Skin type I-V can be applied with the OPT treatment. It is featured that every single shot should be released with effective,continuous and stable energy from 3 to 10Hz. Compared with general pulse light technology, OPT is more optimal in terms of treatment safety,efficiency and comfort.

It works on: 

1. Hair removal, suitable for skin type I-V
2. Wrinkle removal, skin tightening
3. Face lifting
4. Skin rejuvenation
5. Pigmentation removal
6. Vascular
7. Acne treatment

Main Characteristics you shall pay attention on: 

1. Fast hair removal in on-motion way, with 50mm*10mm large spot size and up to 10Hz frequency, fast treatment is available. 
2. Safe and painless with good cooling - low to -18°C.
3. High efficient recharge power design  - Each shot keeps with same energy even in FHR/FSR mode and it supports 12 hours continual work. 
4. Long lifetime for each handle - 500,000 shots warranty. 
5. OPT system - ensure that energy outout is stable, effective even when it is in working mode of 3-10Hz.

Technical Specifications:

1. Screen: 8 Inch Color Touch Screen
2. Treatment items: Hair Removal / Skin Rejuvenation
3. Handpiece: Hair removal handpiece (one)
4. Skin rejuvenation handpiece (one)
5. Handpiece connection: Fast connected
6. Light source: Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
7. Crystal material: Imported sapphire
8. Spectrum: 610-1200nm, 530-1200nm
9. Spot size: 50mm*10mm /40mm*8mm
10. Work modes: HR / FHR / SR / FSR
11. Shot frequency of FHR and FSR: 1~10Hz
12. Delay between continuous shots of HR and SR: 1-2s
13. Light pulse number: 1-10
14. Protection against electric shock: I Class , BF Type
15. Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz±1Hz/AC110V±10%, 60Hz±1Hz
16. Rated input power: 1700VA
17. Net weight: 50kg
18. Gross weight: 75kg
19. Equipment physical dimension: Length 420mm*Width 450mm*Height 1060mm
20. Index of temperature rise: Room temperature 30℃,3Hz,10J/cm2 could continuous work
21. Package size: Length 545mm *Width 550mm*Height 1130mm
22. Light energy density:
50mm*10mm (610nm-1200nm, 15-40 level, 5-12 J/cm2
40mm*8mm (530nm-1200nm, 15-40 level, 1-7 J/cm2 

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