Diode Laser System HR-808L
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808nm diode laser system for hair removal - permanent hair remove in 4-6 sessions, suitable for skin type I-IV. Fast treatment, safe and painless. Two working modes: HR & FHR. With output 300W power, effective, good quality. FDA declared. 

It works on:

1. Permanent hair removal, much painless, fast treatment, effective result.

2. Skin lightening, skin rejuvenation, whiten skin. 

3. Skin tighten, skin lift. 

Main Characteristics you shall pay attention to:

1. Laser generator are from US, reliable quality, long lifetime and good performance.

2. Guarantee 1 year or 3 million pulses lifetime.

3. Guarantee long working time for a whole day treatment.

4. 808nm laser in 10mm*10mm spot size.

5. The connector between handpeice & machine (PnP) is in new design with Patent Technology.

6. System checks the whole machine working automatically when it is turned on.

7. You can manage the machine usage by password.

8. There are two working modes - HR, FHR & SR.

9. The maximum energy density upon 808nm laser’s FHR mode is 25J/cm2 which is even higher than most of similar machines' 20J/cm2.

10. Whole appearance of the machine is done by injection molding process.

11. It is with Germany imported hose for handpieces which protects tube structure and easy to clean.

Technical Specifications:

Light sources: Diode (continuous wave)

Laser wavelength: 808nm

Modes: FHR mode/HR mode

Spot size: 10mm*10mm

Fluency: Up to 120J/cm2(HR mode); Up to 20J/cm2(FHR mode)

Pulse duration: 10~1400ms

Repetition rate: Up to 10Hz

Delivery: Direct coupling through sapphire tip

DuaChill intrgrated skin cooling: 4 ℃ (Contact cooling)

Electrical: 110/220V 15A max 50/60Hz

Packing & Shipping Details: 

Physical dimension: 300mm*300mm*1060mm

Weight: 35kg

Package dimension: 

Gross weight: 45kg

Packing in carton, 1pc/carton. 

Shipment: DHL, FEDEX, TNT, Airway, Seaway is acceptable. 

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