Long Pulsed Laser HR-1064S
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Professional Long Pulsed Laser for hair removal and veins therapy - Safe for Asian Yellow skin, Brown skin and Black skin; Effective on varicose veins, angiotelectasis, hemangiomatosis, angiomatosis, etc. 

It works on: 

1. Professional hair removal, no pain, safe even for African Black skin, no side effect.

2. Vascular therapy.

3. Telangiectasias, Sapheneous vein, Angiotelectasia and Hemangioma therapy

Main Characteristics you shall pay attention to: 

1. The best wavelength laser for deep color skin for hair removal.

2. Effective for all type of skin. Safe also for African Dark Skin.

3. Adjustable long pulse width, it can protect the normal skin while removing different types of pigment diseases.

4. Adjustable spot size satisfies customer requirement.

5. No pigmentation left.

6. Easy to use and operate.

(1) No pain!

The 1064nm long pulse lase effects only on melanin in hair, no side effect on skin. No pain at all. You feel only a little bit warm on skin during the treatment.

(2) Effective for all skin types. SAFE & NO BURNING ON SKIN. Safe also for African black skin!

IPL or E-Light system has high risk on burning skin because the IPL energy would be easily absorbed by skin. But NOT with the long pulse laser. The long pulse laser would be absorbed by hair melanin and not harm normal skin. It is MUCH SAFER and would not burn skin at all!

(3) Adjustable spot size. Spot Size: 3mm-15mm

You can control the energy output by spot size setting. Smaller spot size, higher energy output.

(4) No pigmentation left after treatment.

Many IPL/ IPL+RF equipment would get pigmentation left on skin if energy used unappropriately. BUT it won`t happen with the long pulse laser.

(5) Much more easier to operate and use.

Compared to IPL system, the long pulse laser is really easy to use:

     a) you just need to adjust the parameter of energy, frequency and pulse width.

     b) no worry on burning skin.

     c) faster treatment.

(6) No harm on skin, no burning, no pain, no blister and no erythema, and less time for recovering skin.

Technical Specifications: 

1. Wavelength: 1064nm (standard), 532nm (used for vasular, veins, Telangiectasia, Hemangioma Treatment, optional)

2. Energy Density: 10-600J/cm2 (1064nm); 10-400J/cm2 (532nm, optional)

3. Pulse Width: 1-30ms

4. Pulse Delay: 5-100ms

5. Pulse Mode: Multi-synchronous pulse

6. Frequency: 0.5Hz, 1Hz, 2Hz

7. Spot Size: 3-15mm

Packing & Shipping Details: 

Package Dimension: 48cm*43cm*109cm

Gross Weight: 38kg

Packing in Aluminium Box, 1pc/box. 

Shipment: DHL, FEDEX, TNT, Airway, Seaway is acceptable. 

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