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Newest Vacuum RF Slimming Machine - body reshaping, slimming, fat reduction, cellulite treatment, face lift and skin tight. With 2 handles for Body and Face treatment. Good quality, good energy output and good performance. 

It works on:

1. Weight loss                      

2. Body slimming & shaping                                      

3. Wrinkle removal                                

4. Skin lifting & skin tighten

5. Buttocks implant                                

6. Lymphatic drainage

7. Improve stretch mark                      

8. Improve blood circulation

9. Orange skin therapy                      

10. Release muscular aches

Main Characteristics you shall pay attention to:  

1. Best for body shaping & skin tighten treatment for soft/ loosen skin after Cavitation/fat removal treatment.

2. It combines bipolar radio frequency + vacuum + tripolar RF.

3. Effective! You can see obvious result in 20-30 minutes in the first treatment !

4. Strong vacuum & RF energy output, good result & good performance.

5. Used on both body and face.

Technical Specifications:

1. Working Principle: Vacuum + Tripolar RF

2. RF Frequency: 1.5MHz

3. Vacuum: Pulse mode pulse duration: 0.25s~7.0s

4. Operating Voltage: 220V

5. Max Power: 230V

6. Frequency: 60Hz/50Hz

7. Fuse: 3A 220V (5 X 20)

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