Super LipoVela Body Slimming System
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Professional body shape and smooth equipment for Body Slimming, Fat Reduction, Weight Loss, Cellulite Treatment, Skin Lift and Drainage. Combined with Focused-Cavitation, Vacuum, Roller, RF, Infrared Laser. 2 Handpieces and 5 tips for full body treatment. Results comes in week treatment, guaranteed, effective, comfortable, no harm and no side effects. 

It works on:

1. Body reshaping, body slimming

2. Body circumference reduction

3. Cellulite reduction, fat removal, weight loss

4. Skin tightening

5. Wrinkle removal

6. Skin surface smooth, skin care

7. Massage for full body

8. Improve blood circulation, stimulate muscles and enhance skin elasticity

9. Lymphatic drainage

Main Characteristics you shall pay attention to:

1. Double frequency 40KHz focused-cavitation combined with vacuum suction (FCVT TM) is safe and effective for cellulite reduction treatment on more fat area, like abdomen, back, thigh, hip, etc.

2. Newly created 1MHz focused-cavitation realized less fat area slimming, tightening and even lymph nodes softening and dredge.

3. Newly designed handpiece with pulsed vacuum technology, the best for improvement of Lymphatic drainage and human immunity.

Technical Specifications:

1. LED screen:

1). Host: 10.4〞TFT chromatic touch screen  

2).  On Handpiece:  2.5〞/ 1.0〞

2. Working mode: Pulsed mode

3. Pulsed duration: 0.5s-3.5s;  

4. Vacuum:

1) Absolute Pressure: 90kpa-25kpa (68.4Hg-19Hg);

2)Relative pressure: 10kpa-75kpa (7.6Hg – 57Hg);

5.Safety testing mode: Real-time online

6. Ultrasonic: 40KHz (80W), 1MHz (60W)

7. Qty of Handpiece: 3 handles with 5 applicators

8. Wireless IC card management is available.

9. Rated Input power: 850VA

10. Rated input voltage:  



11. Net weight : 55kg

12. Physical dimension:  


13. Physical dimension of package:  


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