LED Curing Light Device
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LED Curing Light - Dental Restoration Used. Professional for dental treatment with high quality, can be used with any brand of resin materials. 5 watt, 1400mW/cm2 power. 

Dental LED Curing Light is professional for dental treatment. It is with reliable and good quality. This model is in white color, automatic power off after 20 seconds, with light shell. 3 types of working modes for option: Gradually strong, Flashing & Strong.

Main Characteristics you shall pay attention to: 

1. Solidify any brands of resin materials. 

2. Unique and advance inner construction, with reliable and high quality.

3. Convenient treatment, easy controlling.

4. Light plastic material system with long wire (150cm) - Easy treatment.

5. Strong lightness, fast and good treatment result.

6. 3 Intensity Programs (Strong, Gradually Strong, Flashing) & Preset Curing Times (20 seconds)

Technical Specifications: 

Input: AC100-240V; 

Power: 5W;

Wavelength: 430-485nm; 

Density: 5W: 1400mW/cm2

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