Teeth Whitening Machine TW-M08
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Spa Professional Teeth Whitening Light Machine with Red, Blue and Mixed Lights. Effective and Easy to use. 

Main Characteristics you shall pat attention to: 

* Easy to read and use control panel;

* Big screen, display notes and related ads.during the treatment;

* Can be connected with computer through the USB line, content can be updated;

* Adjustable bleaching time with micro-preossor controlled timer pre-sets;

* Visable timer countdown, audible prompt tone at the last minutes;

* 5 polar wheelbase, free to move;

* Light weight and sturdy for superior maneuverability;

* Wheel base disassembles in minutes for easy transportation;

* Pairs of safety goggles included.

Treatment Instruction:

Step-01. Doctor should examine patient`s oral cavity and communicate with them before the treatment, in order to know the patient`s information. People under 16, pregnant women and those who are suffering severe periodontal disease are not suitable for this teeth whitening.

Step-02. Take out tooth shade guide to record the color of patient`s teeth, to do comparison after the treatment. Doctor and patient wearing goggles.

Step-03. Let patient gargle, dry the tooth surface.

Step-04. Apply lip oil, wear bib, then place the cheek retractor into patient`s mouth, make sure the patient without discomfort.

Step-05. Coat the light-cured resin on the gum, and cover to subgingival  0.5mm.

Step-06. Apply the teeth whitening gel about 2-3mm on more than 16 upper and lower teeth which have already been dried.

Step-07. Adjust the lamp holder to be a 90 degree vertical with tooth surface, and keep an appropriate distance with cheek retractor. Press the start button to start the 20-minutes whitening treatment (with BLUE light), the machine will enter into countdown automatically.(If the patient feel tooth sensitivity or pain, stop teeth whitening operation.)

Step-08. The machine will automatically stop when the treatment is over, and then siphoning off the whitening gel on tooth surface with strong straw,  carefully remove the light-cured resin, rinse teeth, take off the cheek retractor.

Step-09. After the whitening treatment, start a 10-minute physiotherapy with infrared (with RED light/ mixed light).

Step-10. After the operation, take off goggles, take tooth shade guide to record the color of teeth, compare with before, show the whitening effect to patient, the whole process is all over.

Technical Specifications:

1.Operating voltage: 100V-240V AC. 50-60 Hz

2.Input: 12V/2.17A

3.Wavelength range: 460-490nm for blue light, 620-760nm for red light

4.Power output: 26W

5. LED Quantity: 6pcs (4 Blue LED, 2 Red LED)

6. LED Life Expectancy: 150,000 hous

7. Light Intensity: 9000-1100MCD

8. Light Output Power: up to 4000mw/cm2

9.Display: 2.4 Inch TFT color screen

10.Resolution: 176 * 220 pixels

11.Supported picture formats: JPG, BMP,

12.Image Storage Capacity: 8Mbit (about 30 Photos)

13.USB: Mini_USB, USB1.1 interface

14.Power Supply: AC.12V 3A

15.Compatible systems: WINDOWS2000,WINDOWSXP,WINDOWS VISTA,WINDOWS 7,Mac OS 10.6.3

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