1. Speed can be controlled (digital speed conversion).
    2. A multifunctional pen (derma pen and beauty bar perfect combination).
    3. Pre-filled (one charge can work continuously for 6 hours, computer charging, Power 100v-240v charging, Po rechargeable charging)
    4. Exquisite appearance, using curves as elements, very pretty and charming demeanor revealed, The product is beautiful and charming, generous.
    5. Symbolizes the spirit and healthy image.
    6. can match PC painless needle, nanocrystalline patch, 9 or 12 needles replaceable needle head.
    7. 4 colors optional.
  • Auto Microneedling Device MY-M

    • Electric control the depth of treatment - Deeth adjustable from 0.25mm-2.0mm.
    • Remain vertically pierce into skin while in use - much painless - that other device cannot do.
    • One electric needle machine can do different treatments - Free from different sizes rollers.
    • Adjustably treatment speed - 5 levels of speed is available - each piercing has the same dapth and keep treatment result even.
    • 2 pieces of 12 needle cartridges are free with the My-M derma pen.
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