• ultrasound exfolicating spatula ultrasonic skin scrubber spatula for blackhead and dead skin removal
    About the product
    • Facial Machine. Effectively Peels off Dead Skin
    • Cleans Pores and Removes Black Heads and Impurities
    • Leaves Facial Skin Smooth and Rejuvenated
    • Massages Skin and Infuses Skin Product Nutrients
    • Easy operation with 2 working modes and 2 levels outputs. Rechargeable, comes with charging dock
  • back Facial Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber
    • Safely and effectively removes acne without pain
    • Cleans pores and cuticles
    • Removes wrinkles and removes melanin of the skin
    • Convenient to use
  • portable diamond derma bration diamond dermabration machine
    Diamond Microdermabrasion Function Vacuum/Spray Function
  • three different extrct suction heads blackhead remover facial treatment machine
    • FOR HEALTHIER SKIN! Our skin hosts the presence of over a million bacteria and is a battleground over dead skin cells leading to acne, pimple, zit, comedones, blackhead, large pores, and visible signs of aging. This suction blackhead remover is to thoroughly cleanse your skin from deep pores, accelerate blood circulation, bring your skin natural brightness and improve immunity.
    • POWERFUL AND SAFE! The max suction strength is up to 53KPa. It gently removes the outer layer of skin using a light abrasion process which promotes the growth of healthy new cells. It deeply removes the oil, impurities and dust particles in the large clogged pores; Removes blackhead, grease and acne; also increases blood circulation & skin elasticity, Exfoliates dead skin, Tightens up loose skin, Smoothens wrinkles and fine lines, Shrinks pores, and Makes your skin more radiant.
    • NEW! Unlike general blackhead removal device, it comes with vibrating heating probe for heating and softening dead skin tissue and increasing blood flow, making it easier to extract oils, impurities and dusts from the clogged pores before exfoliating the skin.
    • 3 Adjustable Suction Force with One Button Design & 3 Functional Replaceable Suction Heads. Do professional facial SPA treatment at home without spend thousands on clinical treatments and office visits.
    • RECHARGEABLE & PORTABLE - Convenience in travel or trip. Use anywhere. Comes with USB cord, charged by computer or cell phone charger. DELICATE - A Good quality and must-have facial beauty tool, best GIFT for friends and families. 60 Days Money Back Guaranty, Risk-FREE.