• facial skin scrubber facial scrub
    • New Skin Scrubber Spatula facial machine in 2020 - equipped with two replaceable spatulas of different sizes.
    • 24KHz Ultrasonic - effectively break down the impurities in the deep pores, purify the skin; remove dead skin and blackheads; improve oily skin, anti-acne; promote blood circulation, activate skin; activate cell movement, brighten skin tone; increase the absorption rate of skincare products; smooth skin, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging.
    • Two working modes, two energy levels - easy to use, flexible and efficient.
    • Support USB charging - comes with a USB cable, you can use a computer or power bank to charge the machine; Wireless design, easy to carry and use.
    • Replacing the spatula is simple and easy.
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    ultrasound exfolicating spatula ultrawaves facial spatula

    Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Spatula

    • Facial Machine. Effectively Peels off Dead Skin.
    • Cleans Pores and Removes Black Heads and Impurities.
    • Leaves Facial Skin Smooth and Rejuvenated.
    • Massages Skin and Infuses Skin Product Nutrients.
    • Easy operation with 2 working modes and 2 levels outputs.
    • Rechargeable, comes with USB cord and support base.  No power adapter.
  • new ultrasonic facial scrubber cordless facial scrubber
    • DEEP PORE CLEANSING: Norlanya facial skin scrubber helps you deep clean your skin through high-frequency vibration, thus remove blackhead, acne, dead skin, makeup residue and oil in the pores. High-frequency vibration decomposes melanin and dark spot and makes your skin healthy, smooth, bright and elasticity.
    • SKIN MOISTURIZING & ENHANCED SERUM ABSORPTION: Using this derma skin scrubber along with deep cleansing oil, cleaning foam, toner, essential oil, essence cream, etc, it can help your skin better absorb nutrients and help skin reverse the signs of aging, fine lines, and wrinkles. It makes your skin moist and shiny.
    • FIRM & LIFT SKIN: Through the gentle tapping mode (LIFTING mode), the infusing spatula can enhance the ability of the skin to absorb nutrients and cream, promotes blood circulation and metabolism of the skin, help to remove facial wrinkles, lift and tighten the skin. Also, it stimulates collagen production and makes your skin firm, smooth and delicate.
    • HANDY & CORDLESS & BEAUTIFUL: Built-in lithium 500mAh large capacity rechargeable battery, you can charge it through PC, power bank, etc by provided USB cord. It is small, lightweight, and easy to carry around. Ergonomics and compact design, it is easy for everyone to hold the scrubber spatula, and it is a perfect GIFT.
    • Comes with Facial Skin Scrubber*1, USB charging cord*1, Manaul*1.
  • three different extrct suction heads blackhead remover facial treatment machine
    • FOR HEALTHIER SKIN! Our skin hosts the presence of over a million bacteria and is a battleground over dead skin cells leading to acne, pimple, zit, comedones, blackhead, large pores, and visible signs of aging. This suction blackhead remover is to thoroughly cleanse your skin from deep pores, accelerate blood circulation, bring your skin natural brightness and improve immunity.
    • POWERFUL AND SAFE! The max suction strength is up to 53KPa. It gently removes the outer layer of skin using a light abrasion process which promotes the growth of healthy new cells. It deeply removes the oil, impurities and dust particles in the large clogged pores; Removes blackhead, grease and acne; also increases blood circulation & skin elasticity, Exfoliates dead skin, Tightens up loose skin, Smoothens wrinkles and fine lines, Shrinks pores, and Makes your skin more radiant.
    • NEW! Unlike general blackhead removal device, it comes with vibrating heating probe for heating and softening dead skin tissue and increasing blood flow, making it easier to extract oils, impurities and dust from the clogged pores before exfoliating the skin.
    • 3 Adjustable Suction Force with One Button Design & 3 Functional Replaceable Suction Heads. Do professional facial SPA treatment at home without spending thousands on clinical treatments and office visits.
    • RECHARGEABLE & PORTABLE - Convenience in travel or trip. Use anywhere. Comes with USB cord, charged by computer or cell phone charger. DELICATE - A Good quality and must-have facial beauty tool, best GIFT for friends and families. 60 Days Money Back Guaranty, Risk-FREE.
  • skin scrubber spatula blackhead remover
    • [DEEP CLEANSING] Through high-frequency vibration, the facial skin scrubber can clean blackheads, whiteheads, keratin, dead skin, Curtin and acne quickly. By the action of vibration and ionization, the skin scrubber decomposes melanin and dirt and diminishes them from deep pores to achieve a deep cleaning, making your skin bright, luster and plump.
    • [NUTRIENTS INFUSING] After deep skin cleansing, it is the best time to infuse nutrients. The face spatula scrubber enhances the absorption of skincare products and maximumly increases the benefits of oil, serum, cream, lotion, toner and essence.
    • [MASSAGING] The high-frequency tapping helps increase the blood circulation and metabolism of the skin and make the skin more beautiful, finer, brighter and smoother.
    • [5 MODES] There are 5 modes in this facial scraper, multi-functional and more effective on infusing nutrients compared to other models of scrubbers in market.
    • [DELICATE] Compact beauty tool used at home, and do not need to spend much money in a spa, but still enjoy the skin treatment without making an appointment. A perfect GIFT for friends and family and yourself!
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    portable diamond derma bration diamond dermabration machine
    Diamond Microdermabrasion Function Vacuum/Spray Function
  • back Facial Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber
    • Safely and effectively removes acne without pain.
    • Cleans pores and cuticles.
    • Removes wrinkles and removes melanin of the skin.
    • Convenient to use.
  • Acne Remover PLASMA
      • WHAT IS PLASMA? The states of substances are generally divided into solid, liquid and gaseous. Plasma is called "the fourth state of matter". Although the universe is full of 99.99% of plasma, it is still unfamiliar to most of people. Plasma is widely used in many fields such as environment, fashion, agricultural products, beauty, health, etc. It has great potential and charm.
      • The high-frequency voltage electrolyzes oxygen in the air to produce ozone. Ozone can quickly kill fungi, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. It acts on the cell membrane of bacteria, damages the membrane constituents and destroys the lipoproteins and lipopolysaccharides in the membrane, changes the permeability of the cells and makes it lyse and die, thereby kills bacteria, fungi and mites in a very short time, and inhibits Inflammation to achieve the effect of removing acne.
      • WHAT EFFECTS CAN IT ACHIEVE? It can remove dead skin, make the skin smooth and soft, and achieve a cosmetic effect. It increases the oxygen content in the blood, promotes blood circulation, regulates metabolism and improves human immunity. It can activate the aging cells, provide sufficient oxygen to the skin, and promote the growth of cells.
      • It has a strong penetration ability and oxidizing ability. It can quickly decompose the oil and bacteria on the skin and pores, and can peel off the dirt to achieve the effect of deep skin cleansing.
      • No need to use any liquid as a conductor. The skin must be kept dry during use. Portable, wireless, and rechargeable.