Skin Scrubber Spatula with LCD Screen

Skin Scrubber Spatula with LCD Screen


  • [DEEP CLEANSING] Through high-frequency vibration, the facial skin scrubber can clean blackheads, whiteheads, keratin, dead skin, Curtin and acne quickly. By the action of vibration and ionization, the skin scrubber decomposes melanin and dirt and diminishes them from deep pores to achieve a deep cleaning, making your skin bright, luster and plump.
  • [NUTRIENTS INFUSING] After deep skin cleansing, it is the best time to infuse nutrients. The face spatula scrubber enhances the absorption of skincare products and maximumly increases the benefits of oil, serum, cream, lotion, toner and essence.
  • [MASSAGING] The high-frequency tapping helps increase the blood circulation and metabolism of the skin and make the skin more beautiful, finer, brighter and smoother.
  • [5 MODES] There are 5 modes in this facial scraper, multi-functional and more effective on infusing nutrients compared to other models of scrubbers in market.
  • [DELICATE] Compact beauty tool used at home, and do not need to spend much money in a spa, but still enjoy the skin treatment without making an appointment. A perfect GIFT for friends and family and yourself!
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5 Modes:
1. Cleansing: Effectively removes dead skin cutin and dirt.
2. Cleansing & Leading-out: Comedo and acne can be cleaned.
3. Nutrition Leading-in: Cosmetics nutrition essence will be permeated into the deep skin layer quickly by three effects.
4. Patting & Massaging: Comfortable massaging and gentle patting can improve skin texture.
5. Lifting & Wrinkle Removing: Lift and tighten skin, diminish wrinkles, and smoothen fine lines by 3 effects.

How to Use:
1. First, clean your face and open the pores by a hot towel or steamer, then turn on the scrubber facial massager and then choose what mode you need.
2. Apply appropriate skincare products based on the mode you choose (cleansing mode: cleansing foam; moisturizing mode: toner, lotion, gel; lifting mode: nutrition essence or serum) and then gently moves forth the skin scraper on your entire face.

1. The scrubber spatula conducts heating when working and it is normal to feel a little warm when using.
2. NO built-in timer in this scrubber.
3. Long press the button 2 seconds to turn ON/OFF the scrubber and press one time to switch the modes.
4. NOT water-proof.

1. Do not use on surrounding eyes or wound.
2. People with skin disorders, serious skin diseases, skin allergies and severe sunburn cannot use this spatula scrubber.
3. Keep away from children.


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