Handy Facial Skin Cleansing Brush

Handy Facial Skin Cleansing Brush


  • A new delicate electric silicone facial cleansing brush massager. Using 6500r/m low frequency vibration, this facial cleansing brush can create more foam, deeply clean the skin, remove 99.5% of surface stains, oil, dead skin and cosmetic residues, and can also crush the residues accumulated in the deep pores. The rich and fine foam is used to bring the residue out of skin, make the skin cleaner, and healthier to achieve the effect of improving the skin.
  • This good quality silicone facial cleansing brush has a large area of brush head, which can finish cleansing the face in a short time. The thick brush is suitable for the T zone, nose and other parts that are difficult to clean. The fine brush is good for cheeks, neck, chin, even body parts.
  • It is also a face massager. Plus 6,700r/m vibrations and round silicone bumps, the face massager can be used for massaging on face and around the eyes. Skin massaging every day after cleansing can help increase blood flow, improve the absorption of skincare products, increase skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, shrink pores, and other effects.
  • The magnetic charging base and 450mAh large-capacity rechargeable built-in battery support 1-hour fast charging for 2-3 hours working. Convenient, long-lasting, and travelable.
  • 15 vibration levels are optional. Bristles are soft and delicate, suitable for all types of skin, and very friendly to sensitive skin.

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You deserve to have an exquisite and high-quality hand-held silicone facial massage brush.

It has a streamlined design, which can easily hold and clean the facial skin, remove 99.5% of excess oil and dirt, keep the skin fresh and healthy, and effectively improve the quality of skin care after skin cleansing.

The massage function on the back of the cleansing device helps the product absorb, effectively eliminate eye puffiness, increase blood flow, improve dark circles and eye bags, and make people look younger and more attractive.


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