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    • Eliminate dark circles and improve eye bags.
    • Smoothes the fine lines around the eyes.
    • Tightens the skin around the eyes.
    • Shrink the pores around the nose.
    • Professional IPL hair removal and skin rejuvenation device in 2020 - the latest generation of Stylight. With strong and safe intense pulsed light, the Stylight can remove hair in 15-20 sessions permanently and painlessly.
    • Safe treatment with temperature control, skin touch control & skin cooling - output temperature on surface skin is 40-56 degree centigrade, semiconductor chilling cools skin during treatment - No need of cooling gel for skin type I & II, No burning risk, No harm and much painless - No pulse light outputs unless treatment cartridge touches the skin.
    • Have professional hair removal treatment at home - Max 7.5J/cm2 to get good treatment result - new generation Stylight has one handle with 2 functions for hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatment. NEVER need to replace cartridges, NO consumables.
    • Guaranteed Long lifetime - up to 300,000 shots. Built-in counting to display used shot number.
    • 7cm2 Large treatment size & new OPT working mode - FAST hair removal for one leg takes 10 minutes only!
  • Handy Bipolar RF Skin Lift Device

    • A home radiofrequency device with good energy output - 1.15MHz and 24 watt - Work for skin tightening and skin lift, skin firming, anti-aging, wrinkle removal, jawline, turkey neck and sagging skin improvement. Visible results in 4-8 weeks with 3 sessions per week, 15-20 minutes for whole facial care.
    • A powerful home use RF device with photon light therapy to enhance effectiveness. 3 working modes for option: SR (RF with yellow light), WR (RF with Red light), SRT (RF).
    • 3 Energy levels for option - Good for all skin types and also sensitive users - work on face and body.
    • Bulit in timer: 5,10,15 minutes for option.
    • Compact, good quality, handy, easy to use.
    • STRESS RELIEF MASSAGER for stress relaxes, anxiety relief, headaches, migraines, tingler relief and improve sleep quality by human-finger-like kneading and pulsing massage, just like shiatsu massaging.
    • AIR HEAD MASSAGER combines air compression applied to the head and eyes, multi-frequency vibration & mild heating applied on the back of head, and soothing relaxation music. It gently squeezes pressure points (Temples, Baihui, Fengfu, Fengchi acupoints) and relaxes the entire head and brain, and sweeps the strain stress, fatigue and anxiety away, and then the entire body gets relaxed and gets better sleep after the massage therapy.
    • A GOOD SLEEPING MASSAGER & EYE RELAXER to relieve eye fatigue. NOT like the breo idream 5, the eye massage part CANNOT take off, but a visible window allows you to answer a phone, drink a cup of tea or open the door when in need.
    • HEAD MASSAGER DEVICE with no hands, wireless and rechargeable! One soft-touch switch control. Hands-free completely! Charge it by a USB cord and a full charge can work a week (15 mins per day).
    • Adjustable size from 21" to 24". Fit any head size.
  • Electric Head Massager KS-2800A

    • Massage hamlet for head massage, improves sleep disorders, headaches and relaxation. The massager does a good job of making you feel like it's a human message by using air for pressure points and vibration combined with heat, etc.
    • 4 relaxing programs: deep massage, vibration, heat and music. You can choose which options to use and which to not use, or choose to use all four at once. There are many options and settings in this helmet, even for heat and music.
    • Adjustable diameter of hamlet to meet different head sizes - 3 adjustable knobs on massager to adjust hamlet's size - make it smaller or bigger for the perfect size. You would not worry it may not fit.
    • Handheld controller (remoter) to adjust the working programs, music, time and turn ON/OFF while doing massaging, So much easy to use.
    • Powered by USB cord on computer, or USB cord with power adapter, or 4 AA batteries. You can use it at home, at work, on travel. (Batteries are not included; Be sure batteries are full of power if you use with batteries and suggest using rechargeable batteries; Cannot use batteries and power cord at the same time.)
  • Scalp Massager

    • An innovative massager for your scalp, head, face, neck, legs, arms and body - improve scalp blood circulation, anti-dandruff, deep clean dandruff, relaxing
    • Compact design, rotates clockwise or counterclockwise, 2 adjustable speeds, one-button control, easy to use
    • 4 interchangeable and disassemble finger-like massage heads - massage scalp/head softly
    • Waterproof and rechargeable - use in shower
    • Come with a charging base and USB cord - used worldwide
  • Ultrasonic LED Photon Therapy Beauty Machine

    • Smoothen skin, promote strengthened skin fiber, quickly absorb nourishing and moisturizing essence, and make skin firm with a balanced skin tone.
    • Buzzer with two audible sounds before auto shut-off; Lightweight - easy to carry and use at any time any place.
    • The waves are much more gentle with 3 million sonic and more suitable for treatment around the eye area and forehead.
    • The effects of multiple colors are added to the ordinary specifications of Micro Vibration. Red light: skin cell activity, metabolism stimulation, collagen stimulation, blood stimulation, rejuvenate skin, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, shrink pore size and help to cure wounds. Blue light: reduce pimples and blemishes, inflammation diminishing, reduce scar, oil controlled, improve sensitive skin and skin rashes. Green light: good for chronic diseases and anti-wrinkles, helping on nursing skin.
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    Portable LED Photon Light Therapy Device

    • Stimulates collagen production which smoothes fine lines and wrinkles; Reduces pore size, scars, hyperpigmentation and age spots; Increases skin elasticity and improves circulation.
    • Wavelengths: Red Light (630nm), Blue Light (470nm), and Yellow Light (590nm).
    • Output Power: 25W - 420 LEDs total - 135 LEDs for the red light, 135 LEDs for the yellow light and 150 LEDs for blue light.
    • Foldable: do treatment on whole face and neck; can be used on body. Height: 7cm(when it is folded)-45cm(when it is unfolded); Treatment size: 35cm*21cm.
    • NORLANYA branded (trademark on machine and package) - Good quality product, 1-year warranty, guaranteed strong light and results.
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    Photon Mask Facial Toning Device (3 Colors)

    • 3 colors (Red, Blue, Green light) in one Mask. Weight of Mask: 0.85LB. NO MIXED LIGHT, NO PULSING SETTING
    • Red light ( 630 - 650 nm ) Will stimulate the production of Collagen is an essential protein used to repair damaged tissue and to replace old tissue. Best for fine lines, and will also help to reduce large pores.
    • Blue light ( 430 - 450 nm ) Bacteria in skin contain Porphyrins; blue light is able to kill Porphyrins due to the high affinity with this wavelength. The blue light furthermore has calming action which is very effective for hypersensitivity.
    • Green light ( 525 - 550 nm ) The balance of the green light can balance color pigment, reduce fine lines, nutrient aging skin, speed up the healing process of the wound, and lighten the scar.
    • Includes 1 * Photon Facial Mask, 1 * Controller, 1 * Power Adapter, 1 * NORLANYA original Manual, 1 * Handbag, NORLANYA branded box
  • Red LED Light Therapy for Wrinkles

    • Skin rejuvenation, facial toning, face lift, skin firming and Anti-aging photon therapy device. Visible skin improvement in 4-8 weeks.
    • 660nm wavelength for most effective Photo Rejuvenation, Skin Collagen, Elastin Boost, Improve skin problems.
    • Two photon light working modes: Continuous and Pulse Modes (light comes intermittently).
    • System alarms every 60 seconds to remind you to move to the next area. Required to wear goggles during photon therapy and goggles are included.
    • Rechargeable Cordless Operation - Charge/ Power from computer USB port or Wall Plug charger. System cannot turn on during charging. Must unplug power cord to turn on system.
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    Stylight IPL Hair Remove & Skin Rejuvenation Machine

    • The best and latest home based IPL permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation device in 2014. Using the intense pulsed light technology, the Stylight can remove hair in 4-8 sessions permanently and painlessly.
    • Safe treatment with temperature control & Skin touch control - output temperature on surface skin is 40-56 degrees centigrade - No need of cooling gel for skin type I & II, no burning risk, no harm and much less pain - No pulse light outputs unless treatment cartridge touches the skin.
    • Have professional hair removal treatment at home - Max 7J/cm² to get good treatment results - Stylight has one handle with 2 lamps for both hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatment.
    • Long lifetime warranty for each lamp of Stylight - 20,000 shots for HR lamp & 30,000 shots for SR lamp. HR (Hair Remove): 2 pulses per shot. SR (Skin Rejuvenation): 5 pulses per shot.
    • Large treatment size - Stylight provides 7cm² spot size - FAST hair removal for one leg takes 15 minutes only!
    • Matrix RF is a noninvasive treatment, meaning there is no cutting of the skin to perform it, which utilizes monopolar radiofrequency energy to tighten and tone the body and improve its contour.
    • Matrix RF works by heating the underlayer of the skin, known as the dermis. This heat causes collagen creation, called neocollagenesis.
    • This new collagen makes the skin look firmer & tighter and improves the overall texture of the skin and the body shape. Unlike lasers, Matrix RF procedures work on all skin types and colors.
    • Generally, patients will usually undergo 8-10 treatment sessions with Matrix RF, but some clients may see differences/improvements after 1-2 sessions. The Matrix RF heats up and stimulates a large volume of collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. Results develop over time and tightening and lifting results can be seen in up to 3 months.
    • Updated Matrix RF with higher energy output, it conducts heating in 5-10 seconds with H energy level; with the latest platinum treatment head that can conduct better and more even energy. Rechargeable - A full charge takes 2-3 hours and then it can work 30-45 minutes. It is small and you can put it in a pocket and carry it around. It needs to apply with water-based gel/lotion/serum during treatment.