RF Facial Device with EMS Skinlift, LED Therapy, Sonic Massage and Ion Cleansing


The instrument consists of four modes:

  • skin cleansing mode
  • nutrition mode
  • lighten wrinkles mode
  • firm skin mode
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  1. Skin Cleansing Mode – vibration and positive ions can purify the deep pores, shrink pores, lighten spots and acne, solve dull skin, and make skin crystal clear. The specific wavelength of blue light can fight acne and purify the skin, shrink pores, repair sensitive skin, and balance oil.
  2. Nutrition Mode – vibration and negative ions will promote the skin to absorb nutrients, such as vitamin C and minerals.
  3. Lighten Wrinkles Mode – Radio waves penetrate the subcutaneous tissue and the natural resistance movement generates heating. Collagen fibers in dermis will shrink immediately at 55-70°C, causing skin tightening and collagen regeneration, thereby supporting the skin, increasing the thickness and density of the dermis, and filling in wrinkles. The RED LED meanwhile improves the microcirculation of blood and lymphatic system and stimulates the activity of mitochondria in the skin cells.
  4. Firm Skin Mode – the instrument sends out EMS micro-current to rejuvenate facial muscles and motor nerves. It promotes more effective contraction of facial skin, thereby activating cells, reducing skin puffiness, and lifting and firming the skin. At the same time, the LED red light generates in the cells, stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen, activates the skin to speed up blood circulation, and improves wrinkles and emollients from the inside of the skin.
1mHz radio frequency technology
compound slow-release current
electroporation hyperostosis technology
red light therapy&blue light therapy
sonic vibration
use effect comparison


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