Portable LED Photon Light Therapy Device

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  • Stimulates collagen production which smoothes fine lines and wrinkles; Reduces pore size, scars, hyperpigmentation and age spots; Increases skin elasticity and improves circulation.
  • Wavelengths: Red Light (630nm), Blue Light (470nm), and Yellow Light (590nm).
  • Output Power: 25W – 420 LEDs total – 135 LEDs for the red light, 135 LEDs for the yellow light and 150 LEDs for blue light.
  • Foldable: do treatment on whole face and neck; can be used on body. Height: 7cm(when it is folded)-45cm(when it is unfolded); Treatment size: 35 cm*21 cm.
  • NORLANYA branded (trademark on machine and package) – Good quality product, 1-year warranty, guaranteed strong light and results.
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Portable LED Photon Light Therapy

NORLANYA Photon Therapy Beauty Light System is an advanced photon-rejuvenation therapy machine. Now available with Red, Blue and Yellow photon-rejuvenation therapy. Most older models will only perform Red and Blue photon-rejuvenation therapy. It helps reduce wrinkles, spots, fine lines, reduces inflammation, fights Pimples, reduces scars. It also helps with skin/cell repair and more than that! FOR USE ANYWHERE ON THE BODY.

operation panel

There are 5 working modes in the system: Red, Blue, Yellow, Program 1 and Program 2.

Red Light (5-20 minutes): Penetrate skin deep tissue to increase microcirculation, activate skin cells, stimulate collagen production, stimulate metabolism and cell regeneration, improve fine wrinkles, shrink pores, recover skin flexibility, improve dark complexion and make skin soft, moist and smooth.

Blue Light (5-20 minutes): Destroy the living environment of bacillus, diminish inflammation, sterilization, remove pimples, blemishes and scar, improve scars, relax the skin, oil control, improve sensitive skin and skin rashes.

Yellow Light (5-20 minutes): Intensify function of muscle and immunologic system, improve sensitive skin and skin balance, effectively improve microcirculation, adjust cytoactive, inhibit the growth of melanin, reduce pigment and remove freckles.

Program 1 is for daily care in spring and summer. (10 minutes: Yellow light 3 minutes, red light 3 minutes and blue light 4 minutes)

Program 2 is for daily use in autumn and winter. (8 minutes: Yellow light 4 minutes, red light 4 minutes)

NOTICE: NO MIXED Lights in this beauty device. 

420 pcs led lights

There is a total of 420 pieces of LED lamps in the system, supplying good energy output during treatment.

  • 420 pcs of LEDs in total.
  • 135 LEDs for the red light, 135 LEDs for the yellow light and 150 LEDs for the blue light.
  • ​Red, Blue, Yellow light: Light delivers monochromatically.
  • Program 1:  Lights deliver orderly.  Yellow light 3 minutes + red light 3 minutes + blue light 4 minutes.
  • Program 2:  Lights deliver orderly.  Yellow light 4 minutes + red light 4 minutes.
  • 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes are optional for monochromatic lights.
  • Output Power: 25W.

Foldable – Easy to Storage and Carry, Use on Face and Body; Big U Design – Quick Photon-Rejuvenation at Home

  • The system can be foldable, easy to carry around and easy to use on different parts of the face and body.
  • Do treatment on the whole face and neck.
  • It can be used on the body.
  • Height: 7cm(when it is folded) – 45cm (when it is unfolded).
how to use
  • The treatment panel can cover a full face and neck.
  • Total treatment size: 35cm*21cm.
  • Two sides of the panel can be rotated 90 degrees.
  • It can be used on the body, chest, back, buttocks, abdomen, arms and legs.
  • Good protection with a luxury package. Good gift.
  • Come with a power adapter and a goggle.
  • Working power supply: AC100V – 240V, 50Hz/60Hz.
  • Size:32x21x7.5cm. Net weight: 1.7kg.

13 reviews for Portable LED Photon Light Therapy Device

  1. V*****

    I love this wand for myself and my clients

    The value is exceptional. Just research what this light therapy does. Seriously, buy this already.

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  2. G******

    Highly recommended

    Helpful? 0 0
  3. P*****

    My wife loves it she uses it daily

    Helpful? 0 0
  4. A**** W

    It’s good unless the power

    Good product but the power is not good, the power is failure after two months I used, but they send me a new one

    Helpful? 0 0
  5. S*****

    Facial therapy

    Very easy to set up. Easy to store. I like that it is already programmed for summer versus winter use. I gave 4 stars for the cost (which is competitive to other sites) as the Yellow lighting appears to get dimmer. I have been using for over a month. Communication with Norlanya has been very good, prompt response denotes customer satisfaction is important.

    Helpful? 0 0
  6. N**

    Fantastic product. I have used this machine everyday for about 3 years. It is amazing for your skin and I use 29 min of blue to sleep.
    Helpful? 0 0
  7. A**

    This actually works!!!!

    I love this product! I’ve been using it just over a week, and I ha e to say my skin looks great! My husband asked me what I have doing differently. Also I had a terrible zit- 1 session w/ the blue light almost gone. 2nd session- gone! Finally I have psoriasis and this light has dramatically improved my condition- gone completely from my face and almost completely cleared from my hair line!!!

    Helpful? 1 0
  8. V*** B*****

    I was skeptical when I purchased this. But to my surprise it really works. I had been using medication for facial rosacea and eczema. I was looking for an alternative. I noticed during the summer months it all cleared up. So I thought why not. Lets look at light as a simple treatment. And by gosh it works for me
    I rarely leave a review on anything I purchase good or bad. But if I can help one person who suffers from acne, rosacea, or eczema. This is a product worth the money and the time.
    And I only give it a 4 star because nothing in my mind is a 5 star. Perfection is not possible on anything.

    Helpful? 1 0
  9. K****

    Great Machine.
    Helpful? 0 0
  10. P**** Q


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  11. E****

    This product works very well and has helped my skin problems significantly.
    I would strongly recommend it to anyone.

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  12. J************

    No noticeable results after the third week of red light use, three times per week (Asian, female).
    However, now after the fifth week of daily use, skin tone (dark areas on cheek bones) has improved and fine lines and wrinkles are disappearing.
    Recommended for daily 20 minutes red light use to face/neck area. Seller recommended decreasing the length of time used once desired results are achieved.

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  13. j*****

    Works better than I expected. Very happy with my purchase.
    I used to pay $20/visit to get blue light treatment at my dermatologist every 2-3 weeks. It worked great but the cost plus the 2 hour drive to get there and back was just too much to fit into my schedule. So I thought I’d give this a try. It’s obviously not as powerful as the one at the dermatologist office, but that was obviously expected. I use it for 10 minutes on the blue light function 4-5 times a week and have noticed a huge improvement in my skin. I have had mild acne on my chin area for most of my adult life. This helps to keep me 98% clear. I’m very happy with my purchase.

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