• details of teeth whitening machine teeth whitening machine TW-M08
    * Easy to read and use control panel; * Big screen, display notes and related ads.during the treatment; * Can be connected with a computer through the USB line, contents can be updated; * Adjustable bleaching time with micro-processor controlled timer pre-sets; * Visible timer countdown, audible prompt tone at the last minutes; * 5 polar wheelbases, free to move; * Light weight and sturdy for superior maneuverability; * Wheelbase disassembles in minutes for easy transportation; * Pairs of safety goggles included.
  • Minimum order quantity:100pcs

  • led curing light for teeth whitening LED Curing Light Device TW-031B
    1. Solidify any brands of resin materials.
    2. Unique and advance inner construction, with reliable and high quality.
    3. Convenient treatment, easy controlling.
    4. Light plastic material system with long wire (150cm) - Easy treatment.
    5. Strong lightness, fast and good treatment result.
    6. 3 Intensity Programs (Strong, Gradually Strong, Flashing) & Preset Curing Times (20 seconds)
  • dental led curing light rechargeable led curing light device
    • Application: Solidify any brands of resin materials.
    • Classical appearance design, with aluminum alloy shell.
    • Multifunctions in one, more choices supplied.
    • Nixie tube display, intuitionistic and convenience.
    • Unique and advance inner construction, with reliable and high quality.
    • This product has been applied for the appearance of a patent, the copy will be prosecuted. Patent number: 200830218580.7
  • Cheek Retractor Cheek Retractor for dental

    Minimum order quantity:600pcs

  • personal use teeth whitening machine set Home Teeth Whitening Kit

    Minimum order quantity:100pcs

  • Shade Guide colour atla for dental
    Professional Shade Guide for before and after result comparison after teeth whiten treatment in salon, spa and clinic.  
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