Electric Head and Eye Massage Device


  • STRESS RELIEF MASSAGER for stress relaxes, anxiety relief, headaches, migraines, tingler relief and improve sleep quality by human-finger-like kneading and pulsing massage, just like shiatsu massaging.
  • AIR HEAD MASSAGER combines air compression applied to the head and eyes, multi-frequency vibration & mild heating applied on the back of head, and soothing relaxation music. It gently squeezes pressure points (Temples, Baihui, Fengfu, Fengchi acupoints) and relaxes the entire head and brain, and sweeps the strain stress, fatigue and anxiety away, and then the entire body gets relaxed and gets better sleep after the massage therapy.
  • A GOOD SLEEPING MASSAGER & EYE RELAXER to relieve eye fatigue. NOT like the breo idream 5, the eye massage part CANNOT take off, but a visible window allows you to answer a phone, drink a cup of tea or open the door when in need.
  • HEAD MASSAGER DEVICE with no hands, wireless and rechargeable! One soft-touch switch control. Hands-free completely! Charge it by a USB cord and a full charge can work a week (15 mins per day).
  • Adjustable size from 21″ to 24″. Fit any head size.
Earn 97 Points!

NORLANYA Electric Head Massager Helmet, Stress Relaxer


The NORLANYA Head and Eye Helmet Massager combines the functions of head massage and eye massage, using the technology of air pressure massage, acupuncture skull massage, multi-frequency vibrating massage and heat penetrating massage to eliminate stress, fatigue and nervousness, effectively relax the brain and head, so as to relax the entire body, and end result of better sleep, better health, happier life and higher efficiency at work.

Four modes:

Automatic mode: different modes will change every 30 seconds + music

Clear mode: air compression + heat + music

Dynamic mode: air compression + vibration + music

Sleep mode: air compression

pressure points massage


Simulates human-kneading and shiatsu massage techniques, and applies to squeeze massage to the Temples, Fengchi, Baihui and Fengfu points in different modes, soothing tension and fatigue, and effectively alleviating headaches, migraines, depression, and insomnia.

  • Performs air compression around the eyes, relieves tension in the eye muscles, relieves eye fatigue, and improves sleep.
  • Pins on the top of the helmet stimulate the acupuncture points of the scalp when the massager vibrates, and it helps blood circulation and achieves the effect of deep relaxation.
  • Air pressure, heat and vibrate apply to the back of the head to stimulate the Fengchi and Fengfu points.
air compression massager


The air compression is applied around the helmet massager, on Temples, Eye goggles and back of the helmet.

vibrating massager


Vibration is applied on the back of the helmet, vibrating from the Fengchi points.

heat compression


Heating is applied on the back of the helmet, on the Fengchi points.


Visable Window

visable window

The visible window on the eye goggles allows you to open the door, drink coffee or answer the phone without taking off the massager and stopping the massage therapy. BUT it is recommended not to watch TV or work while massaging because you need to relax completely.

Size Adjustable

size adjustable

With an adjustable head circumference of 21” to 24”, which is basically suitable for most people.


one-touch-switch control

No handle controller, One-Touch-Switch control, completely free your hands. This head relaxer has only a one-touch button, and it intelligently massages the head and eyes.

You can choose different modes.

  • Automatic mode: different modes will change every 30 seconds + music
  • Clear mode: air compression + heat + music
  • Dynamic mode: air compression + vibration + music
  • Sleep mode: air compression

Adjust the volume of music and select music by pressing “+” and “-“.

Music & Recharge

music download and rechargeable

With soothing music, users feel the release and relaxation of their whole body and quickly relieve stress and fatigue. You can upload your favorite music to the massager.

Recharge the massager with a USB cord. A full charge takes 3-4 hours, which can last 2 hours-working (if used for 15 minutes per day, it can be used for one week).


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