Electric Slimming Belt


  • Different from the ordinary weight loss belts on the market, it is not only heating, infrared and air pressure, it also adds the function of electric current massage. Build muscle, tighten muscle, and enhance the abdominal muscle line, achieve shape body and waist.
  • A grid bag on the back – you can put a hot compress Chinese herbal medicine bag to relieve waist pain.
  • Wrap-around heating – up to 60 degrees Celsius, warm up the entire waist and abdomen, expelling excess water and accelerating fat burning.
  • Manual Air Pump – It can be manually pumped according to your preference, making the belt snugger against the skin, and the air pressure can also relieve muscle soreness.
  • Simple and convenient operation, free to switch working mode, temperature and working time. Slim the waist and abdomen, relieve the waist pain and increase the muscle content while sitting on a chair. you can also lose weight and shape while resting and working. It is a piece of great fitness equipment.
  • Excellent workmanship, delicate texture, quality assurance, simple operation, good effect, you and your family deserve it!

Earn up to 67 Points.

I like to use this slimming belt after every outdoor sport. It helps my waist and abdomen continue to do physical exercises and continue to burn fat while I can sit and work or watch my favorite movie, what a pleasure! In the process of electric massage, there is no rolling, no kneading, but deep electric muscle massage and comfortably warm. It feels that the tummy muscles become firmer while the entire waist and tummy are warm and comfortable. I can choose the massage mode, energy level, temperature and time and I can tighten the waistband with a manual pump to keep it close to my skin and even soothe my aching lower back.

Premium materials – the belt is made of high quality faux leather and has a delicate feel. Velcro can be pasted repeatedly and is not easy to wear out.

Infrared light and EMS contacts

Basic version

36 contact points, 2 lights, Independent.

Contact Points & Infrared Lights

  • Contact points output ELECTRIC current – deeply stimulate muscle movement and shape beautiful muscle lines. There are many different modes and energy levels to choose from to meet different needs.
  • Infrared emission points – deep heating to help burn fat, shape and lose weight.
Integrated IR lights and EMS contacts

Upgraded version

8 contact points, 8 lights, integrated.

Operation panel

Basic version


  • Very simple and easy to use.
  • ON/OFF button for turning on or  off .
  • “M” for selecting working modes.
  • “+” & “-” for increasing and decrease current level, temperature and working time.
  • “P-” for electric current working mode; “d-” for electric current; “C-” for temperature level; “H-” for time duration.
Operation panel

Upgraded version

Manual Air Pump

Air Compress

Manual air pump – can inject air into the belt, pressurize the waist and abdomen, relieve pain, also make the belt fit the skin better, enhance the effect of fat burning, and make the stainless steel contact points work better on the acupuncture points.

Back Pocket & Wrap-round Heating

Back pocket – can place heating packs or Chinese herbal hot packs for relieving psoas pain.
Wrap-round heating – up to 60 degrees Celsius, warm up the entire waist and abdomen, expelling excess water and accelerating fat burning.

Net Bag

How to use

Product assembly

Step 1

Connect the pump, power cord and controller to the belt.

(Put hot compress bag / Chinese herbal medicine bag into the back pocket if needed)

Steps for usage

Step 2

Find the contact points at the center.

Aim the contact point) at your navel and wrap the belt around your waist tightly.

Connect the power supply

Step 3

Plug in the power, the controller will turn on and “beep”.

Inflating the airbag

Step 4

Pump air into the belt by pressing the air pump, making the belt snug around the waist.

Model Use Show

Step 5

Find your most comfortable position to sit or lie down and get ready.

Program selection

Step 6

Press “M” to select the muscle movement mode, movement level, fat burning temperature and using time.

Basic version

Product parts

Upgraded version

product parts


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