Stylight+ IPL Hair Remove & Skin Rejuvenation Machine

Stylight+ IPL Hair Remove & Skin Rejuvenation Machine


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  • Safe treatment with temperature control, skin touch control & skin cooling – output temperature on surface skin is 40-56 degrees centigrade, semiconductor chilling cools skin during treatment – No need of cooling gel for skin type I & II, No burning risk, No harm and much painless .
  • Have professional hair removal treatment at home – Max 7.5J/cm² to get good treatment results – new generation Stylight has one handle with 2 functions for hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatment. NEVER need to replace cartridges, NO consumables.
  • Guaranteed Long lifetime – up to 300,000 shots, effective use can reach 500,000 shots.
  • 7cm² Large treatment size & new OPT working mode – FAST hair removal for one leg takes only 10 minutes!
  • Super silence design less than 55DB
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IPL hair remove and skin rejuvenation machine stylight B208+

IPL stands for intense pulsed light, and it is a form of light therapy, used for various dermatological procedures including hair removal.

Unlike laser treatments, which emit a specific wavelength, IPL works like a flash-lamp, sending out scattered wavelengths of light, making IPL very targeted. That also means it affects the pigment in your skin too, so IPL only really works for those with fair skin and dark hair.

Stylight+ IPL system is the 2020 latest intense pulsed light system for home hair removal & skin rejuvenation treatment. Stylight+ is suitable for skin types I to V. It works for black, brown and light brown hair. It has limited results on fair, white, gray and gold hair, but no limits on treatment areas: it works for face, body and private areas. Hair removal results can be seen in 8-10 times of use and will improve overtime treatment. About 15-20 sessions (once a week) can gain permanent results and the result lasts over 1 year. The user shall keep treatment once a month after the expected result shown for a long-lasting result.

Different from other home-based IPL devices that output temperature reaches 80 C and the user has to use gel to protect skin from getting burned, the Stylight+ applies with the advanced technology of energy and temperature control that temperature outputs max 40-56 C from lowest energy level to highest one (under the condition of indoor temperature no more than 25C) and so it is safe and will not get too much hot, pain and burning risk and user (skin type I & II) can use it without applying the cooling gel.

stylight IPL system B208+

Bullet Points

Two Working functions: HR (Hair Remove) and SR (Skin Rejuvenation).

  • HR: Remove hair after 8-10 times of use; one time per week.
  • SR: Tone skin, anti-age, reduce wrinkles, improve skin texture and fade spots and marks. Use one time per week.
  • NO NEED to replace cartridges. The lamp’s lifetime is up to 300,000 shots, effective use can reach 500,000 shots.
  • Wavelength: 650nm-1200nm. A wide wavelength ensures a safe treatment.

Two working modes: EXP (general) & OPT (fast).

  • EXP: Press the trigger once and HR does 2 flashes per click (recharge time: 5 seconds); SR does 1 flash per click (recharge time: 3 seconds).
  • OPT: Long press the trigger, HR does 5 flashes with 1hz frequency (recharge time: 5 seconds); SR does 10 flashes with 2hz frequency (recharge time: 3 seconds).
  • OPT provides a fast hair removal experience.

Semiconductor Cooling.

  • NEW freezing hair removal: The semiconductor chilling plate makes the side of the lamp cold in 20 seconds – about 41℉(5℃) – making treatment more comfortable, cooling the skin during treatment and riskless skin burning.


  • Lamp: Xenon Lamp
  • Light Source: Pulsed Light
  • Energy Fluency: 0-7.5J/cm²
  • Spot Size: 7.5cm²
  • Wavelength: 650-1200nm
  • Lamp Live: 300,000 shots
  • Input Power: 150W
  • Power Supply: AC100V-AC240V, 50/60Hz
large treatment size
  • With large treatment size – fast treatment available at home.
  • Treatment size: 7.5 cm².
control panel
  • Max 7.5J/cm² energy output – Effective & Fast.
  • 1-3 energy levels are optional with a soft-touch control panel.
  • It is a home-use IPL light-based hair removal and skin care system, easy to use, comfortable and safe.
display window
  • Display the number of shots used – convenience even for business.
ipl skin rejuvenation

Effective Hair Remove System


    1. Get the Stylight ready. Install the lamps and plug it into a power socket.
    2. Cut hair and leave only 3-5mm and Clean skin.
    3. Apply proper GEL on skin (for Brown and Dark skin type).
    4. Turn on the Stylight, choose HR/SR, EXP/OPT, low energy level and wear the goggles. Wait 1-2 minutes for its charging (indicator on handle will change)
    5. Put the lamp against on skin and press the button on the handle to fire lights.
    6. Repeat the process 2-3 times per session.
ipl hair removal


  • Suggest using once a week until the expected result is shown.
  • Hair removal results can be seen in 8-10 weeks of initial treatment and will improve overtime treatment.
  • About 15-20 sessions (once a week) can gain a permanent result.
  • User shall keep treatment every two weeks for a long-lasting result.
  • It is normal to see a few hairs come back after a whole treatment.
  • After treatment, remove gel and clean skin. If skin feels hot or warm, cool it with an ice bag or skin cooling device.
  • Use moisturizing lotion on skin after treatment.
  • After each use, clean the lamp and ensure no hair/gel is left before storage.
  • Use low energy in the beginning and increase it based on your skin feel and skin reaction.
  • CANNOT use the highest energy level before you know it well.
  • No need to use gel for skin types I and II.
  • For brown and dark skin types, please use it with conductive gel.
  • Clean the lamp with a wet cloth before and after treatment.

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  1. C****

    Excellent Customer Service

    Superb customer service! Lisa was so helpful and attended all my queries promptly. Delivery was very fast and reliable. The machine is very slick and portable. Easy to operate and hopefully it works! Will update again after 4 to 8 weeks.

    Stylight+ IPL Hair Remove & Skin Rejuvenation Machine
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  2. S**** A******

    Excelente servicio de la tienda! Hubo un par de incidentes con la salida del producto de almacenes y en todo momento se comunicaron conmigo; enviaron el producto por paquetería express. El producto es tal cuál lo que anuncian! Gracias vendedor !

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