Lipo-C6 Cavitation+RF Machine
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Portable Ultrasonic Cavitation machine with disassemble trolley. With one 40KHz Cavitation handle and 3 pieces of RF handles of different sizes, working for full body and face, it is very good for cellulite reduction, suitable for salon and spa. 

It works on: 

- Ultrasonic Cavitation: blast fat on arm, abdomen, buttocks and thigh ,and improve the skin.

- Tripolar RF: cheek, lower jaw, neck skin tightening; nasolabial fold improvement; waist and abdomen, limbs, weight loss; hips, big legs, orange peel-like skin improvement.

1. Soften hard fat tissue

2. Cellulite removal

3. Breaking fat

4. Lose weight

5. Body skin lifting & tightening


Ultrasound is cyclic sound pressure with a frequency greater than the upper limit of human hearing. Although this limit varies from person to person, it is approximately 20 kilohertz (20,000 hertz) in healthy, young adults and thus, 20 kHz serves as a useful lower limit in describing ultrasound. Ultracavitation Liposuction device(40KHz) uses ultrasound cavitation effect, to cause tons of air bubbles around lipocyte (fat cell) membranes with its resonant frequency, the bubbles will cause high press, and when the high pressure has reached lipocytes` (fat cell) breaking point, the lipocytes membrane will break up instantly. The broken lipocytes will then absorbed and metabolized out of human body by Lymphatic system. Dont like the traditional method to lose water in body, Slender actually lose fat tissue!

Cavitation function of ultrasound:

When the ultrasonic power has reached to one atmosphere pressure, its power density is 0.35 w/cm2, at this moment, the peak value of ultrasonic density produce a vacuum or negative pressure, but in fact there is no negative pressure, so it will produce a very big power to drag the medium particle to a hole-called cavitation. And when the ultrasonic pressure reaches the reverse peak value, the cavitation will crack, and when thousands of cavitations break in the medium, it will produce a huge power!

When the ultrasound frequency is between 28-100khz, the energy effect and cavitation effect all exist, and the cavitation effect is very outstanding; but when the ultrasonic frequency has surpassed 100KHz. the main effect is energy effect, the ultrasound effect is no longer exist.

Technical Specification:

1. Ultrasonic cavitation:

Frequency: 40KHz

Energy Density: 0-5W/cm2

Out energy: 100w

Size of handpiece: 50mm

2. RF:

Range of RF: 0.25MHz-10MHz

Output energy: 300W

Maximal peak value: <450J/cm2 (T=1s)

Input power: < 500W

Spot Size: large handle: 15*4 electrode distance: 25mm

Middle handle: 10*4 electrode distance: 17mm

Small handle: 5*4 electrode distance: 9mm

3. Main machine:

Display screen: 7 inch color touch screen

Power supply: 110V/220V 10% 50/60Hz 5A

Size: 49cm*36cm*32cm

Weight: 20kg

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