Handy Hair Care & Hair Grow Laser Comb
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Combined with red, blue and purple light therapy, Ion + and Ion - therapy, Vibrating massaging. Hair grow and hair care products can be delivered from rolling balls during massaging. Rechargeable unit supports 2 hours working after a full charged. 


It is well-known that hair can be strengthened when applied with hair growth products and the hair care comb is to improve function of hair growth and hair caring. The hair care laser comb is designed for people suffering from hair loss. The hair care comb combines with multi technologies. Using with the hair care comb, combining with hair growth products and hair care products, user can get good result on preventing hair loss, hair care, stimulating hair growth, getting healthy luxurious hair and oil-control. Please read the manual fully before usage.


The hair care comb combines with rolling balls, vibrating massage, ion therapy and photo-biostimulation. During treatment, the hair growth/hair care product will be lead to the roots of hair through rolling balls; vibrating massage can effectively stimulate blood circulation and activate skin cells; + ion and – ion can stimulate the hair follicle - The + ion can improve discharge of metabolism and hair follicle cleansing; the – ion can stimulate and improve absorption of hair growth and hair care product; photo-biostimulation can suppress growing of bacteria, stimulate blood capillary expansion, improve absorption and metabolism. Repeatedly coming hair can help hair become more healthy, luxurious, thick and strong.


Charging Voltage: DC5V

Battery: 3.7V/600mA

Container Volume: 12ml

Net weight: 166g

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