Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Spatula
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3-IN-1 Hydro-Sonic FACIAL SCRUBBER is the latest innovation in skin-care regimen which caused a huge excitement among Beauty Bloggers, You-tubers, and men and women all over the world. The facial spatula uses Ultrasonic High-Frequency techniques to combine THREE facial beauty treatments: DEEP CLEANSING, SONOPHORESIS AND BLACKHEAD REMOVAL. The product comes with a friendly User Manual with precise instructions on how to use the facial cleanser.

DEEP CLEANSING TREATMENT: Delicately exfoliates the skin using powerful vibrations. When used directly on wet skin, 28000Hz vibrations penetrate water molecules deep into the pores washing out oil, dirt and dead skin cells. Medical Grade Stainless Steel Spatula then gently scrubs away all the debris from the surface revealing beautiful fresh-looking skin. It is the BEST gentle most innovative alternative to abrasive MICRODERMABRASION.

SONOPHORESIS: Is the salon technique for the enhanced application of moisturizers, serums and anti-ageing products. It uses high-frequency vibrations to open up small spaces between the skin cells resulting in better penetration of anti-aging ingredients.

BLACKHEAD REMOVAL: When spatula is applied with enough steady pressure to the skin, it uses powerful vibrations to force clogged sebum and debris out of the pores clearing out blackheads from the surface of the nose and chin. Curved design of the spatula allows getting into hard-to-reach areas around the nose for thorough blackhead removal.

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