Q-Switch Laser Q-J6
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Good quality Q-Switched ND YAG Laser for tattoo removal, pigmentation removal, spot removal and nevus of ota removal. Strong power with max 1000mj output. 1064nm & 532nm wavelength. 

It works on: 

1. Tattoo removal

2. Wash red soak lip

3. Freckle, age pigment

4. Tattoo removal

5. Removal coffee embroider eyebrow

6. Removal blue, black embroider eyebrow

7. Remove nevus of ota/congenital birthmark

Main Characteristics you shall pay attention to: 

1. Guaranteed quality & guranteed result!

2. High power --- the laser can remove tattoo, spot, eyebrow and other pigment quickly. Outstanding effect will

come out in a very short moment.

3. ZERO risk with 7-days-return policy.

4. Guaranteed long lifetime of handpiece 300,000 shots to 600,000 shots!

5. With special designed cooling system, it can long time non-stop working!  

6. We are professional on laser and light equipment. Our professional knowledge help you solve problem and you

need not worry about after-sale service.

7. Portable laser design which is convenient for transportation.

8. Stable energy output and qualified parts used in machine, it is safe, no injury to normal skin & no side effects.

9. Easy to use.  

Technical Specifications: 

1. Lase type: Q-Switched ND YAG Laser

2. Wave length: 1064nm & 532nm

3. Facular diameter: 8mm

4. Pulse energy: 0mj-1000mj continuous adjustable

5. Pulse duration: < 10ns

6. Power:1000w

7. Frequency: 1-6Hz

8. Dimension:49cm*39cm*50cm

9. Net Weight:8.5 kg

10. Power supply:110 VAC-230VAC 50Hz/60Hz

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