Spa Teeth Whiten Kit
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Teeth Whiten Kit, using with teeth whitening light, can be used with any brand of teeth whiten machines and products. 

Teeth Whiten Kit Includes: 

A: Cleaning teeth wipe

B: Overcloths

C: Mouth expension

D: Cotton sweb

E: Brush

F: Gum protective gel (in deep blue color)

G: Teeth whitening gel (5ml)

H: Head for

I & J: Heads for teeth whitening gel

Usage Process:

1. Wear the overcloths for patient, and put mouth expension onto patient`s mouth.

2. Clean tooth with cleaning wipe.

3. Use the gum protector on junction of tooth and gum and wait for 2 minutes to try the gum protector.

4. Use teeth whitening gel and light the tooth with the TW-M08 teeth whitening light machine for 20 minutes.

5. Take off the fixed whitening gel and use infrared to comfort tooth.

6. Clean tooth with cleaning wipe again.

(This set of teeth whitening kit is suitable for all kinds of teeth whitening light machine.)

Package includes:

1*Teeth whitening gel

1*Gum protector

2*Vitamin E swab

1*Cheek retractor

2*Brush ups


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