Diode Laser Hair Removal System HR-808M

Diode Laser Hair Removal System HR-808M


  1. Laser generator is from the US, reliable quality, long lifetime and good performance.
  2. Guarantee 1 year or 3 million pulses lifetime.
  3. Guarantee long working time for whole day treatment.
  4. 808nm laser in 12mm*12mm spot size.
  5. The connector between handpiece & machine (PnP) is in the new design with Patent Technology.
  6. System checks the whole machine working automatically when it is turned on.
  7. You can manage the machine usage with a password.
  8. There are two working modes – HR & FHR.
  9. The maximum energy density upon 808nm laser’s FHR mode is 25J/cm² which is even higher than most similar machines 20J/cm².
  10. Whole appearance of the machine is done by injection molding process.
  11. It is with Germany imported hose for handpieces which protects tube structure and easy to clean.
Professional high power output Diode Laser machine for hair removal treatment in spas, clinics and hospitals. Fast hair removal in 1 hour for whole body treatment; Effective results in 4-5 sessions; Long working time for non-stop working for 8 hours; Qualified spare parts from US and Germany; FOCUS LIGHT laser generator; FDA approved.

It works on:

1. Permanent hair removal in 4-5 sessions, much painless, fast treatment, effective results.

2. Skin lightening, skin rejuvenating, whitening skin.

3. Skin tight, skin lift.

Important Characteristics you shall not miss:

A) Strong & Competent Water Management System:

Most of the basic parameter and design of 808 machines is similar to others. But compared with most of the other machines one big advantage of our 808 laser is that we have a strong water management system, which avoids using of Freon compressor.

As you may know, for 808nm diode system, water management & filtration is very important. Most of the companies had the 808nm machines very early but they are not able to deal with the water management technology very well. So they simply use Freon compressor for cooling. We began to learn, design and produce the 808 machines in 2009. So we have already done it for more than two years. We put a lot of investment in money, study, material choice, lots of tests & failures to make it. Now we succeed.

One reason is that the laser generator we adopted has very high requests for water circulation and filtration. For the safety & stable use of the laser generator, we have to 100% finish competent water management and filtration; Another reason is that if not having strong water management and filtration we have to use Freon compressor as others.

It is not good for two main reasons: one is that Freon is harmful to air environment so it can only be shipped by sea. Another reason is that the Freon compressor produces condensate water which is harmful to laser generator. This is the worst. After having the technical ability of strong & competent water management and filtration we can avoid using the Freon compressor. In our machines, we adopt the radiator which is imported from the USA. This is well solved the problem and made it possible to be shipped by air.

B) Self-checking Function:

Self-checking is a new system we put inside new models in 2012. it is a big update upon our technology so we call these new models”2nd generation products”. When the machine is working the self-checking system will check the machine automatically. It will check the water cooling system, electronic system, and laser generator working. etc. Once there is a problem somewhere. It will report to the control system and show on the screen display the code we set for the exact spare part. This system is to ensure the safe use of the machine and no harm to human body. If the problem is serious the machine will be cut off automatically. Meantime it gives great assistance to the after-sales services. This is convenient for instrument maintenance and improves maintenance efficiency.

C) Electric Parameters Checking:

Current collecting of Hall sensor -I1

Output current of power supply -I2

Output voltage of power supply -V1

Over temperature / normal(power supply chip) -I3(ok/NG)

Light / no light( power supply) -V2(ok/NG)

Stop / normal( power supply) -K1(ok/NG)

Active / inactive -D1(ok/NG)

Short/normal -Q1(ok/NG)

Technical Specifications:

1. Light sources Diode (continuous wave)

2. Laser wavelength 808nm

3. Modes FHR mode/HR mode

4. Spot size 12mm*12mm

5. Fluency Up to 120J/cm²(HR mode); Up to 25J/cm²(FHR mode)

6. Pulse duration 10~1400ms

7. Repetition rate Up to 10Hz

8. Delivery Direct coupling through sapphire tip

9. DuaChill integrated skin cooling 4℃ (Contact cooling)

10. Electrical 110/220V 15A max  50/60Hz

Packing & Shipping Details:

Physical dimension: 380mm*540mm*1250mm

Weight: 50kg

Package dimension:

Gross weight: 65kg

Packing in carton, 1pc/carton.

Shipment: DHL, FEDEX, TNT, Airway, Seaway is acceptable.


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