Eye Care Massager


  • Make Your Eyes Bright and Shiny – The eye massager effectively increases the benefits of eye cream/serum up to 75%. No waste of eye cream! It helps brighten the eyes, reduce eye wrinkles, eye bags, dark circle and lift the skin around the eyes. Once eyes are lifted, you are 10 years younger!
  • 12000 Times per Mins Vibration – Better absorb the eye cream and penetrate nutrients into the skin to restore skin elasticity, at the same time to prevent excess fat granule thanks to the high-frequency vibrating.
  • 45 Degree Heating – Effectively relieve eye fatigue and diminish dark circles, eye bags and fine lines. It helps firm and lift the skin and smooth eye wrinkles. The heating also increases blood circulation to improve dark eye circles. More and more, it can activate the skin cells and better infusing nutrients of eye cream, essence or serum.
  • Ergonomic and Delicate Design – Perfect size fits for eye skin therapy. A wonderful gift for yourself, friends and families.
  • Cordless with Built-in Lithium Battery – Easy to carry around, convenient to hold, charged with USB, use worldwide.

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This compact eye care massager is ideal for tightening the eye skin every day, diminishing pigmentation, reducing fine lines, improving dark circles and eye bags. Frequent using it, the skin around the eyes can be bright and full of energy. It lifts the end of the eye and makes you look young and energetic. When used in combination with eye creams, it can increase the absorption rate of products and make efficient use of cosmetics.

It is not only suitable for crow’s feet (eye wrinkles/fish tail lines), but also for decree lines (nasolabial folds), head lines (forehead wrinkles), and nose. It can improve the color of the nose skin, dilute the black, and shrink the pores.


  1. Although it is small, it works effectively and is targeted to improve partial skin problems.
  2. The eye care massager is cordless and very convenient to use.
  3. Support USB charging, universal.
  4. When using, you only need to press a button to turn on, turn off and switch working modes.
  5. There are two working modes: a) vibration mode (display blue) b) thermal vibration mode (display red).
  6. Multi-color is optional. You and your family can each have a different color eye massage wand, and it won’t be messy. Hygienic and clean. Isn’t it great?

You deserve it!


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