Hot & Cold Massager

Hot & Cold Massager


  • A cordless handy facial massager with HOT and COLD for puffiness and dark circles under eyes, skin relaxing, skin cell-activating, eliminate dropsy, shrink pore size, reduce wrinkles around eyes, relieve eye strain and fatigue, anti-crow’s-feet and black eyes.
  • Specially designed treatment head – Good for eyes, noses, cheekbones and mouths.
  • Three working modes: Hot, Cold, and Vibrating Massage.
  • Three levels of energy for HOT and COLD. Hot: maximum 40 degrees. COLD: about 19 degrees – Safe for eyes and sensitive skin.
  • Handy and Cordless, Rechargeable, Powered by USB power cord – Easy to carry around on travel.
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It is a cordless handy beauty instrument with HOT and COLD and VIBRATION MASSAGE for puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, skin relaxation, skin cell-activating, eliminating dropsy, shrinking pore size, reducing wrinkles around eyes, relieving eye strain and fatigue, anti-crow’s-feet and black eyes.

The specially designed treatment head is good for skin relaxing in and around the eyes, cheekbone, noses, mouth and anywhere fits. It gives a maximum of 40 degrees for HOT and minimum of 19 degrees for COLD – Good for sensitive skin around the eyes, mouth and noses. You can use the VIBRATION working mode to enhance effectiveness. Recommend to use oil-based products when used for anti-crow’s-feet and black eyes, skincare, and skin cell activation.


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