Monopolar RF Machine eBox-A


Main Characteristics you shall pay attention to: 

1. High-Power shortening treatment time.

2. No cooling technology increases treatment effect.

3. Combined wide-range radio making the deep tissue get energy evenly.

4. Long time rebirth result.

5. With 4 handpieces of different sizes, can do treatment on body, face and eyes.

6. Special designed offering two types in one machine—vertical & table top.

7. Easy to operate and maintain.

8. No harm to body, no wound, less pain.

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Portable Monopolar RF (Radio Frequency) System with Trolley, working on skin lighten, face lift, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, acne treatment and body reshaping. With one handle and 4 tips of different sizes, good for both body and face treatment. 

It works on: 

1. Tightening skin

2. Body shaping

3. Face skin lifting

4. Wrinkle removal on face

5. Improving wrinkle on neck

6. Improving acne

7. Improving striae gravidarum

8. Removing dark circles around eyes

9. Removing wrinkle around eyes


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