Sonic Facial Rejuvenation Massager


  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery and Massage Head Can Heat and Warm Your Skin When Cold.
  • Suitable area: face, neck, hands, Aiming at Saggy chins, wrinkles and lines.
  • Anti-aging anti-wrinkle facelift, moisturizing, detox face.
  • Aiming at: Droopy and loose skin, eye corners.
  • Slimming cheek,fat burner,ion cleanse,ionic,face clean,Moisturizing.
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  • Qualified stainless steel, can be used on sensitive skin and damaged skin.
  • In-put temperature sensors to strictly control the heating process, avoiding any potential risk.
  • Temperature goes up in 5 phases, enhancing the absorption of nutrition to the best.

Simple use: one press to start WARMING & ULTRASONIC combined function.


  • 5 phases of heating can gradually open the pores and soften the cutin, while sonic can increase the permeability rate of cell membranes, making nutrition easier to go into the cells. This function combination can keep long and deep skin moisture, and greatly transfer nutrition deep inside.


  • The heating function can relieve skin stress. Sonic massage with heating can improve micro metabolism, massage and detoxify the lymph system, thus correcting dull and uneven skin tone, and reviving skin from inside.


  • Sonic waves can go deep inside skin and warm up subcutaneous temperature by about 0.8-1.5℃.
  • Massage around your eyes, on mouth corners and along your nose with combined sonic & heating can activate skin cells and effectively reduce wrinkles and fine lines.


  • the cell massage effect of ultrasonic can stimulate the movement of cells, promote the regeneration of collagen, accelerate blood circulation, and enable skin to rejuvenate from the inside out.

Nutri Conduct-in

  • By increasing the permeability of cytoderm, the Ultrasonic can increase skin’s absorption of skincare products by a large margin, enabling nutrients to go deep into skin.


  • Improve the micro-circulation, conduct the toxins and wastes out of body through lymph system, improves the PH condition of face thus balancing oil and hydration.


  • The high-frequency vibration of ultrasonic can reach stubborn fat and accelerate its movement, helping the fat to decompose quicker and removing puffiness without any side effects.


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