• New Generation System developed over for five years.
    • Based on the feedback of a large number of customers and combining with the world-leading technologies and processing.
    • Obtaining four national invention patents, five design patents, one software copyright.
    • Safe and effective scientific solutions for physique health management.
    • Norlanya strives for an excellence and perfect quality of product.
  • VACA SHAPE in clinic cavitation RF vacuumfor body shaping, slimming, drainage and fat reduction
    1. Double frequency 40KHz focused-cavitation combined with vacuum suction (FCVT TM) is safe and effective for cellulite reduction treatment on more fat areas, like abdomen, back, thigh, hip, etc.
    2. Newly created 1MHz focused-cavitation realized less fat area slimming, tightening and even lymph nodes softening and dredge.
    3. Newly designed handpiece with pulsed vacuum technology, the best for improvement of Lymphatic drainage and human immunity.
  • portable fractional laser Portable Fractional CO2 Laser FC0-15E
    1. Fast and effective treatment
    2. Comfortable and safe treatment.
    3. Variable density and depth.
    4. One or two treatments.
    5. Use RF Laser tube
    6. Ultra, Single, Repeat pulse and CW. operation modes
    7. Surgical laser (scanner)technology
    8. Discrete scanning technology
    9. Smart variable treatment graphics
    10. Power-on self-test, automatic failure alarm and diagnosis
  • RF face lift system EB-15A Radio Frequency for SMAS therapy collagen boosting
    1. Multiple frequency: 3 different radio frequency adjustable.
    2. Two handpieces: 25*8mm & 40*8mm spot size to do treatment on different areas of face.
    3. Instant result, non-invasive, no epidermal anesthesia, safe and comfortable.
  • spa use desktop monopolar rf_02 Monopolar & Bipolar RF Machine EB-92A
    1. High-Power shortening treatment time.
    2. No cooling technology increases treatment effect.
    3. Combined wide-range radio making the deep tissue get energy evenly.
    4. Long time rebirth result.
    5. With 2 RF handle with 6 tips of different sizes, can do treatment on body, face and eyes.
    6. Special designed offering two types in one machine---vertical & table top.
    7. Easy to operate and maintain.
    8. No harm to body, no wound, less pain.
  • Super OPT IPL Hair Removal Machine HR-OIPL6 OPT IPL Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation System
    1. Fast hair removal in an on-motion way, with 50mm*15mm large spot size and up to 10Hz frequency, fast treatment is available.
    2. Safe and painless with good cooling - low to -18°C.
    3. High efficient recharge power design (2000W) - Each shot keeps with the same energy even in FHR/FSR mode and it supports 12 hours of continual work.
    4. Long lifetime for each handle - 500,000 shots warranty.