Super OPT IPL Hair Removal Machine HR-OIPL6

Super OPT IPL Hair Removal Machine HR-OIPL6


  1. Fast hair removal in an on-motion way, with 50mm*15mm large spot size and up to 10Hz frequency, fast treatment is available.
  2. Safe and painless with good cooling – low to -18°C.
  3. High efficient recharge power design (2000W) – Each shot keeps the same energy even in FHR/FSR mode and it supports 12 hours of continual work.
  4. Long lifetime for each handle – 500,000 shots warranty.
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Super OPT IPL machine with Fast Hair Removal, Fast skin rejuvenation functions, combined with one 690nm-1200nm handle (50mm*15mm spot size) for hair removal and one 530nm-1200nm handle (25mm*15mm spot size) for skin rejuvenation. Long time continual work. Twice faster hair removal speed than traditional IPL. 500,000 Shots warranty for each handle. 2000W power supply. Good cooling system – low to -18°C, power with 2000W. 

What is real OPT?

OPT originated from the In-Motion technology of Diode Laser system and getting more and more popular since 2013. Skin type I-V can be applied with the OPT treatment. It is featured that every single shot should be released with effective, continuous and stable energy from 3 to 10Hz. Compared with general pulse light technology, OPT is more optimal in terms of treatment safety, efficiency and comfort.

It works on:

  1. Hair removal, suitable for skin type I-V
  2. Wrinkle removal, skin tightening
  3. Face lifting
  4. Skin rejuvenation
  5. Pigmentation removal
  6. Vascular
  7. Acne treatment

Technical Specifications:

1. Screen: LCD 12.1″ TFT Color Touch Screen

2. Working mode:

1) Expert mode

2) On-Motion mode

3. Handpiece spectra: 690nm-1200nm

4. Handpiece connection: Brand new PnP designing new type Handle with patent technology

5. Unexpected electricity prevention: I Class B Type

6. Rated input power: 2500VA

7. Rated input power supply:



8. Net weight: 55kg

9. Physical dimension: 61cm*58cm*93cm

10. Light source: Square Pulse Light

11. Crystal: Imported sapphire

12. Spot size: 50mm*15mm; 25mm*15mm; 10mm*15mm (Optional)

13. Energy density: 0 J/cm² -55 J/cm²

14. Scope of energy level:

1).Expert mode: HR 2- 45 J/cm²

2).On-Motion mode: FHR 1-12 J/cm²

15. Interval of continuous flashing:

1).Expert mode: 1-3s (0.5s step), default at 2s

2).On-Motion mode: 1-4Hz


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