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Face TimeMaster device is good for daily facial care. It works on skin rejuvenation, skin toning, wrinkle removal, anti-age, skin renewal, anti-allergy, pore size reduction, increase skin elasticity, and improve skin absorption of cosmetic products, and so on. Overtime massaging with TimeMaster for 1-3 months, 10 minutes per day, you can gain fine and smooth skin and younger face as you dream of!

People feel a little bit warm, comfortable and relax during the treatment. No pain, no harm. Skin product (e.g. essence) should be applied. And TimeMaster would help skin to absorb the products more efficiently. Daily treatment is available. It is a rechargeable beauty device and it is convenient to use. 10 minutes treatment everyday can keep rejuvenated skin, smooth skin and young face. System will stop each 10 minutes automatically.

Technologies Applied:

Electroporation(EP): Aids in absorption of essence into your skin

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS):Skin firmness, restore suppleness & elasticity

Radio frequency: Creates youthful skin, tighten skin, wrinkle remove, lifting skin

Light emitting diode photo therapy (LED): Phototherapy for skin rejuvenation & acne problem. It contains 4 tips of bipolar electrical points and 14 pieces of PDT LED lamps which can do 5 types of light therapy. Red LED (630nm)-Whitening, skin rejuvenation, wrinkles removal, repair damaged skin, smooth fine wrinkles, shrink pores, proliferation of collagen. Blue LED (415nm) -sedation, calm skin, reduce acne generated to accelerate the acne heal. And Green LED (525nm) -to appease, balance the skin, the treatment of skin laxity, fade scars and calm dilated blood capillaries. Mixture LED Combine red, blue and green light together.

Technical Specifications: 

Model: NYRF-1103

Power supply: AC 110V-240V, 8W

Frequency: 50/60HZ

Output frequency: 90KHZ

Output power: 7W

LED wavelength: blue 415nm, green 525nm, red 630nm

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