Facial Skin Care TimeMaster

Facial Skin Care TimeMaster


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  • Combines with Electroporation, Mesotherapy, Photon Light Therapy and Radio Frequency.
  • 4 pieces of electrical tips and 12 pieces of LEDs on treatment head for facial toning.
  • Deliveries 4 colors lights – Red, Blue, Green and Mixed Light. 3 levels of energy output setting for option.
  • Good for skin care, rejuvenation, lightening skin, skin firming, skin tightening and lifting, skin renewal, anti-age, wrinkle reduction, anti-acne and skin oil balance improvement.
  • It is a chargeable device – convenient and easy to carry around.
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It is a Facial TimeMaster device that is good for daily facial care, skin rejuvenation, toning skin color, wrinkle removal, anti-age, skin renewal, diminishing pimple and blemish, anti-allergy, pore size reduction, increasing skin elasticity, and improving skin absorption of cosmetic products. You can achieve a younger, brighter, healthier and better look face. Be more confident!

“RF/EMS” mode: Radio frequency and EMS work on skin and stimulate the production of collagen and the skin becomes more and more fine and smooth and flash. People feel warm, electric, comfortable and relaxing during the skincare process. No pain, no harm, but nutrients will be efficiently penetrated to the skin.
“Nurse” mode: The gentle vibration help increase circulation and metabolism. The skin looks good and colored. It also helps better absorb the serum product.
“Photon” mode: Light-emitting diode photon therapy (LED) is effective in resolving skin problems. The FACE SKIN CARE TIMEMASTER contains 4 tips of bipolar electrical points and 14 pieces of LEDs that can do RED, BLUE, GREEN and MIXED LIGHT LED therapy.

Power supply: DC5V
Output power: 5W


facial timemaster for wrinkles

About Usage

  • Skincare product (e.g.essence) should be applied. The Facial TimeMaster device helps skin absorb the products more efficiently. At least enhance the absorption rate by up to 60%.
  • Daily skin care treatment is acceptable and recommended. 10 minutes of skin-rejuvenating with Facial TimeMaster device daily can keep skin healthy, bright, smooth and young.
  • “RF/EMS”, “Nurse” and “Photon” modes can be used solely, just choose the favorite mode for skincare.


  • has metal implants in the treated area.
  • people with serious heart diseases, can*cer history, skin disorder, allergy to metal, electric, heat or lights.
  • has hyaluronic acid treatment for less than 3 months.
  • in pregnancy or menstrual period.

Package contains

  • Facial TimeMaster * 1
  • English manual
  • USB cord * 1
  • Gift Box


red light

Red Light (630nm) for Wrinkles

Whitening, skin lightening, skin rejuvenation, wrinkles removal, repair damaged skin, smoothing fine wrinkles, shrinking pores, and proliferation of collagen.

blue light

Blue Light (415nm) for Inflammation

Sedation calms skin, diminishes inflammation, and reduces pimples, blemishes.

green light

Green Light (525nm) for Skin Balance

Appease, balance the skin, the treatment of skin laxity, fade scars and calm dilated blood capillaries.

led light face therapy

Mixed Light for Daily Skincare

Mixture LED Combines red, blue and green light: for daily skin rejuvenation.

control panel

Function of “ON/OFF” button

  • Turn on the device.
  • Adjust the energy level (L, M H) of the “RF/EMS”.
  • Turn off the device.


  • “RF/EMS” must be used together, cannot use solely.
  • You can turn on “Nurse” or “Photon” mode by pressing the “PHOTON” button and using one of them together with the “RF/EMS” mode.

Function of “PHOTON” button

  • After turning on the device, press PHOTON to turn on “Nurse” mode and the device will begin vibrating.
  • Continue to press the “PHOTON” button, vibration stops and photon light begins emitting.
  • “Nurse” and “Photon” modes cannot work at the same time, but they can work with the “RF/EMS ” mode.

Other Info

  • The default treatment time is 10 mins. It will auto turn off after 10 mins of work.
  • It is a rechargeable beauty device. A full charge can work for about 45 mins.
  • Please clean the treatment probe with a wet cloth after each use.
  • NOT waterproof.

8 reviews for Facial Skin Care TimeMaster

  1. R***** D*****

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  2. g***** s

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  3. J***

    Great product! The price is right. I love it, it’s easy to use. My skin is definitely looking better.

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  4. Á**** A******

    it really works!… few sessions and i can see the change…

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  5. J*******

    Excellent for your skin. Use at least three times each week to see difference.

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  6. L*****

    I’m very very very happy with this. Working well, easy to use.

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  7. T* M*****

    I asked for and received this device for Mother’s Day. I looked at so many my head was spinning and the prices…well, they range from the low 20s up to around 300. I’m not including professional devices because I assume that is another standard. I picked this one because it had decent reviews and the price seemed fair. I started using it right away and have already noticed a difference in the plumpness and texture of my skin. A few tips: You can use it on any part of your body you want to tighten, but don’t use it in the same area every day, ALWAYS use moisturizing cream-never rub the device over dry skin. I use Nature of Agiva Roses Moisturizing Day Cream but you can use any moisturizer. Clean off the heads after each use. I use eye glass wipes to clean because they don’t have harsh chemicals BTW, one overnight battery charge lasts a few days. I am very happy with this gift.

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  8. N************

    Totally worth it and it’s so cheap compared to going and waiting and having a treatment done somewhere else! It’s stronger then what I experienced with my esthetician at the salon! Use carefully and enjoy the results!

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