RF with EMS Skin Care Device (White)
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Model: NYRF-1108

EMS: For activating cells, stimulating recombination and regeneration of collagen.

Electroporation: to achieves a high level of penetration into skin;

RF: Radio Frequency is a well-known effective technology for skin tighten, skin lift, skin rejuvenation, skin care, wrinkle removal, fine line reduction, smoothing skin. It can stimulate more collagen and elastin during the treatment which can renew and refresh skin overtime usage.

Combining the 4 technologies, the device can also good at face slimming, body shaping and fat removal.

The device have 2 changeable heads. One head is made in ceramics which has advantages of even energy output, fast energy conduct and good quality and it use the technologies of RF and Magnetic Therapy. Another head is with MES, Electroporation and RF, it can enhance absorption of skin care product and increase effectiveness. There are 2 working modes in device Mode A: for RF-head and Mode B: for meso-head. Once you install the head, the system will automatically recognize the working mode. And you can adjust 3 level energy: L(low), M(middle) and H(high). During the usage, skin will feel warm and heat, you can adjust the heat level by adjusting from lower to higher (L-M-H). Daily use applicable. Water-based and oil-based skin care product is applicable.

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