T-24K Golden Pulse Beauty Bar
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Model: NYM-104

The 24K gold beauty bar is a popular beauty device for facial skin care and facial massager in Japan and Taiwan. With highly speed vibration of 6,000 times per minutes (micro vibration), it can promote blood circulation, massage facial muscle and achieve a firming effect and improve skin. Instantly using with 24k gold beauty bar it can also repair cells to reach self-replication, newborn, and stimulate the formation of collagen. 2-3 minutes per day massaging will give you effect of wrinkle removal, face reshaping, anti-aging, increase skin elasticity and get a better and more beautiful skin. Just need 2-3 minutes every day, you can lighten you skin and slim face!

The 24k gold beauty bar is 14cm in length and only 50g in weight. It is made of brass and aluminum (the T part is gold-plated). It requires one piece of AA battery.

It works on:

1. Dredge meridians, activated cells, anti-aging;

2. Stimulate the production of collagen, enhance skin elasticity;

3. Promoting the face blood circulation and metabolism. So slack and improve the phenomenon of natural sodium, such as skin flabby, wrinkles, splash , under-eye puffiness and multiplex under jaw result from age.

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